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A Surrealist Game.

The "exquisite corpse" is a game folded paper in which several people compose a phrase or drawing collectively without having any idea of the nature of the preceding contributions. The first collective phrase was "The exquisite- corpse -shall -drink -the -young wine." That's how the game got its name.

1 Form a group of three or more people and fold a single piece of paper in even sections--one section for each player to draw in.

2 The first person draws in the first section and into about one eighth of the next section, so that when the paper is folded back, the next person can see only a little bit of the first drawing.


Include a range of lines, values, and textures or introduce a color if you like.

A group of people can work on several drawings at once,

"Exquisite corpses' in black pen can be reproduced and bound into a book or published in a school newspaper.

Note where the fold marks are on the example. This is important because it shows the next person where to start drawing.

Famous surrealist "exquisite corpe" artists include: Joan Miro Max Ernst Andre Breton Yves Tanguy Man Ray.

Reproduction for classroom use permitted.

This "exquisite corpse" courtesy of the "anonymous three," 1999.

Visit the Florida State University School of Visual Arts web site dedicated to the "exquisite corpse" at
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