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A Spa for pH Balance.

Byline: Swaha Devi

Rio Caliente, a natural hot springs resort and holistic center in the mountains outside Guadalajara, Mexico, provides pointers to get our bodies to adjust pH levels naturally. Not surprisingly, it's less about what you add and more about what you remove: stress, toxins, and inflammation.

The body processes uncountable chemical and electrical signals - to speed up or create a chain of reactions. At Rio Caliente, some ways to reverse this process include detoxifying mud wraps or a visit to a natural steam room poised directly over an aquifer; tantalizing earth fragrances brought by the wind or negative ions from a hike to a waterfall; soaking outdoors in the warm natural mineral pools; yoga, meditation, or a midday nap; healing hands performing numerous treatments; solitude or community in any proportion you wish; and waking to the sound of birds instead of traffic. Feeling reconnected to the earth, the huge night sky, and your own rhythm is all part of the alkaline recipe for great health.
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Publication:Spirituality & Health Magazine
Date:Jan 1, 2007
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