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A Smart Solution: Intelligent Bleaching with organIQ BLEACH.

Potassium Permanganate

The spray treatment with potassium permanganate (KMnO4) belongs to the worldwide most common procedure to bleach denim fabrics in a reliable and durable way. KMnO4 is sprayed on the pretreated jeans. Light parts or the very popular 'used look' can be produced. An effective procedure but with risk to the environment and health.

Every day worldwide more than 3 tons potassium permanganate (KMnO4) are used - an enormous discharge into the waste water.

Effectively a challenge:

- Manganese is a heavy metal and not biodegradable.

- Potassium permanganate (KMnO4) belongs to the substances which are particularly dangerous to the environment with high fish toxicity.

- In many countries there are strict regulations or even an obligation to provide evidence to avoid any misuse of KMnO4.

An intelligent and environmentally friendly bleaching is required! Everyone is looking for this - environmental organisations, fashion and textile producers as well as laundries and end users.


The challenge is to bleach jeans in an environmentally-friendly way. The CHT/BEZEMA Group developed the intelligent alternative to KMnO4. With the organIQ BLEACH system, the first purely organic bleaching system for denim fabrics, jeans bleaching becomes innovative. An effective and reproducible jeans finishing of which the environment also benefits.

The organIQ BLEACH is the innovative system perfectly combining economic efficiency, process safety and environmental friendliness. An intelligent innovation of the CHT/BEZEMA Group - we take care.


- Purely organic bleaching agent.

- Free from heavy metals, chlorine and AOX.

- Completely biodegradable (> 99 % in compliance with OECD 301B).

- Without persistent components.

- No danger to the environment, no pollution of the waste waters with toxic substances.

- Complies with restricted chemical lists and so meets legal regulations.



The organIQ BLEACH system consists of two powdery components: organIQ BLEACH T and organIQ ASSIST. The mixing ratio always is:

9 parts organIQ BLEACH T + 1 part organIQ ASSIST

The powder is dissolved in cold water, the buffer organIQ BUFFER AO is added, and the organIQ BLEACH solution can be sprayed on just like KMnO4. After spraying the bleaching effect is developed at 40 C within 30 min in tumbler or in an oven - alternatively one hour at room temperature. After the short heat treatment a rinsing process follows or other usual treatment processes like stonewash, etc. A separate neutralisation is not necessary! Further rinsing baths are not needed either.

An ecological advantage of the organIQ BLEACH System in comparison to KMnO4 is the good degradability of the bleaching agent. Application solutions can be used for 3 to max. 4 hours without any significant loss of effect. After about 16 - 24 hours after preparing the solution, the bleaching agent has completely decomposed.

If the spray bleach with the organIQ BLEACH system is done at the end of the whole process, only completed by a softening treatment, CHT/BEZEMA recommend to add 0.5 g/l DENIMCOL WASH-CPD in the rinsing process. It is important to note that for the time being this product is only available for non stretch Denim.

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Date:Jun 30, 2016
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