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A Simulation Study to Explore Configuring the New SATA[R] Critical Reading Section without Analogy Items. Research Report No. 2004-2. ETS RR-04-01.

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Author(s): Liu, Jinghua; Feigenbaum, Miriam; Cook, Linda

This study explored possible configurations of the new SATA[R] critical reading section without analogy items. The item pool contained items from SAT verbal (SAT-V) sections of 14 previously administered SAT tests, calibrated using the three-parameter logistic IRT model. Multiple versions of several prototypes that do not contain analogy items were assembled. Item statistics and test statistics for the simulated forms were compared to the average of 13 forms of the SAT-V. These statistics included: IRT scaled score reliability, scaled score standard error of measurement, conditional scaled score standard error of measurement, r-biserial, and equated deltas. The results indicated that it is possible to maintain measurement precision for the new SAT critical reading section without analogy items, but it may be necessary to modify the distribution of item difficulty in order to obtain adequate precision at the ends of the score scale.

ERIC Descriptors: College Entrance Examinations; Critical Reading; Logical Thinking; Difficulty Level; Test Items; Statistical Analysis; Verbal Ability; Verbal Tests; Test Construction; Scores; Error of Measurement; Item Response Theory

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Source: College Entrance Examination Board

ERIC Number: ED562591

Record Type: Non-Journal

Pages: 22

Abstractor: As Provided

Publication Type: Reports - Research

Education Level: Higher Education; Postsecondary Education

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Author:Liu, Jinghua; Feigenbaum, Miriam; Cook, Linda
Publication:ERIC: Reports
Article Type:Report
Date:Jan 1, 2004
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