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A Serial Production 3D Printing Alliance.

"Today I can say that, together with our partners, we are set to become the world's first to use fully automated 3D printing in automotive serial-production."

That's Ingo Ederer, CEO of voxeljet (, a German 3D printing manufacturer who seems pretty bullish on its new alliance with Spanish tooling company Loramendi ( and ASK Chemicals ( a material science firm in Germany. The reason for his enthusiasm is what the partners are calling a fully automated 3D printed core production solution. The technology, known as "Industrialization of Core Printing," (ICP) allows automated production of highly complex sand cores for casting processes.

Which means that they're producing tooling, not printing end components.

Using additive manufacturing, ICP sidesteps several design limitations that go with traditional core tooling, the companies say. It also matches conventional core making in serial production.

ASK Chemicals developed the new inorganic binding materials and tailored them to the specific ICP requirements.

"3D sand printing has been used in the foundry industry for many years to produce prototypes and small series. However, with the development of ever faster printers, the technology now offers new opportunities for foundries," says Frank Coenen, CEO of ASK Chemicals.

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Title Annotation:GEAR: TECH WATCH
Author:Anderson, Scott
Publication:Automotive Design & Production
Date:Sep 1, 2019
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