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A Security Agreement On A Joint Force To Take Over The Tasks Of Protecting Mundhiriya Border Port.

Baquba / NINA /- The headquarters of the Popular Mobilization Operations in Diyala province held a meeting to coordinate the positions on the security file in the province, while it was agreed to take over the popular mobilization forces, police and army to protect the Mundhiriya crossing port. The media of the popular mobilization said in a statement that "the leadership of the Popular Mobilization Operations in Diyala province and the fifth division, police, traffic and support security agencies, held a security meeting in Diyala province to coordinate positions on the security file in the province." He added: "The meeting discussed the security plan for the port of Mundhiriya with the Islamic Republic of Iran, which was opened last week," noting that "the tasks of protection and the road linking Baghdad will be assigned to the PMF, police and army jointly."/ End

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Publication:National Iraqi News Agency
Date:Sep 11, 2019
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