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A Rose by Any Other Name.

We heard of one reader who was surprised to see on her credit card statement a charge to west Little Rock florist Antique Rose.

She was surprised since she had not visited the shop recently. In fact, she had never set foot in the shop.

With credit card fraud in the back of her mind, she placed an anxious call that cleared it all up and revealed a strange twist.

When she called, asking about the strange charge, the Antique Rose employee answered with a question: "Did Jackson Hewitt tax service do your taxes this year?"

"Yes, why?" our friend asked. It seems the florist processes the credit card orders for the tax service in Arkansas.

We called and found out that Antique Rose owner Mary Harris also owns the Jackson Hewitt franchise in the state, which is why the orders are funneled through the shop.

An employee told us they do get a few calls during tax season from anxious credit card holders/Jackson Hewitt customers who weren't told about about the Antique Rose connection. But, "as soon as you tell them, they say, 'OK, that clears it up.'"
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Publication:Arkansas Business
Date:Mar 13, 2000
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