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A Report on China's Hydrofluoric Acid Market 2008, Providing Data on Forecasts, Market Trends & Planned Projects.

DUBLIN, Ireland -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of the "China Hydrofluoric Acid Market Report, 2008" report to their offering.

By the end of 2007, China's annual hydrofluoric acid production capacity surpassed 870,000 tons. However, China has a shortage of high purity and high performance hydrofluoric acid products, and as a result has to rely on imports each year.

Consumption structure of hydrofluoric acid

The biggest application market of hydrofluoric acid in China is fluorinated hydrocarbon chemical, which accounts for over 56% of the total consumption. The second biggest consumption market is aluminium, which accounts for 30%, followed by inorganic fluoride, hydrocarbons catalyzing, acid washing and military industry and others, accounting for 13%, 7%, and 4% respectively.

It is forecasted that China's demand for hydrofluoric acid in the coming years will grow at a rate of over 15% annually. With the development of new applications and the improvement of new technology, the growth will continue to increase. In 2012, China's demand for hydrofluoric acid is expected to reach around 1.68 million tons.

Key Topics Covered:

- General Introduction to Hydrofluoric Acid and Production Technology

- China Hydrofluoric Acid Production

- Hydrofluoric Acid Market Pattern and Its Forecasts

- Hydrofluoric Acid Import and Export

- Prices and Profits of Hydrofluoric Acid and Their Forecasts

- Raw Material Supply

- Main Drivers of Hydrofluoric Acid Industry Development

- Projects Planned and under Construction

- List of Charts

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