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A Reader's Guide: For Parents of Children with Mental, Physical, or Emotional Disabilities, 3d. ed.

The following excerpt from the Introduction has been reprinted with permission from the publisher.

Many new parents approach the raising of their children with no special preparation, yet advice, assistance, models to emulate, and other parents to talk with are abundant -usually no further away than the house next door. Parents of children with disabilities are also unprepared to raise their children, but advice, assistance, models to emulate, and other parents to talk with who have similar problems and concerns may well be far more difficult to find. And these parents unquestionably need specific knowledge, awareness, and understanding in order to help their children grow up as physically and emotionally healthy as possible.

As the parent of a child with multiple disabilities, not grown to adulthood, I have long recognized the value of information. I have learned from talking with other parents of children and adults with disabilities, I have drawn on my experiences, and I have read extensively I have found reading helpful in my own effort to grow with my daughter. I hope the Reader's Guide will provide others with the kinds of information that will simplify the tasks of surveying the current literature, selecting what is of particular interest, locating it in libraries, or ordering it from publishers, organizations, or agencies.

Books in Part I are relevant to all disabilities. Part II contains selections about specific disabilities. Part III annotates selections under specific topics of interest to parents, to persons with disabilities, and to those who work with them. Part IV contains Books for the Younger Reader, both fiction and nonfiction. Part V includes an appendix of publisher's addresses.
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Publication:The Exceptional Parent
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Jul 1, 1991
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