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A Rare Documentary on Billy Wilder Will Be Screened Again.

This week the Film Forum is showing a single screening of Billy, How Did You Do It?, a documentary by Volker Schlondorff on the filmmaker Billy Wilder. More often than not, in a conversation on film the question isn't whether someone likes Billy Wilder, but rather, how much?

Wilder, who died just over a decade ago, was responsible for writing and directing over a dozen of the most influential films in cinematographic history. He wrote and directed The Apartment, widely recognized as an example of the perfect screenplay. He had a famously aggressive personality, but was, by many accounts, very sweet at times. He had a recognizably heavy German-Jewish accent, a frighteningly low tolerance for poor thinkers, and was famous for his squabbles with Bogie and for driving Raymond Chandler crazy when they co-wrote Double Indemnity–the quintessential Film Noir. In short, Billy Wilder left his mark on Hollywood.

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Author:Chandler, Adam
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Date:Sep 19, 2012
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