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A Rainbow in retirement.

All her life Hilda Rush has looked for places where she could be herself. Now she's sure she has found one. "At 93," she said, "I need to be sensible about my future."

With New Mexico's lieutenant governor, Diane Denish, by her side, Rush helped cut the ribbon at the October 31 opening of RainbowVision Santa Fe, which bills itself as the first full-service, gay-oriented retirement housing development in the United States. "I know that I can be myself and live proudly here," said Rush, who is locally known and revered as "Santa Fe's oldest living lesbian."

Born in Berlin in 1912, Rush was witness to Germany's Weimar and Nazi regimes before relocating to Johannesburg, South Africa, in 1935, in part to escape her family's antigay stance. She immigrated to the United States in the 1950s, living first in New York before moving to Florida and finally New Mexico. "Until recently, the concept of RainbowVision was unthinkable," she said. "Now it's a reality. I'm terribly thrilled to see this is happening in my lifetime and that I've been able to live long enough to experience it."

The ceremony marked the opening of an initial 20 condo units. When complete, RainbowVision's 146 units will include independent and assisted-living apartments as well as condos. "We're thrilled that people like Hilda could see this," said RainbowVision president Joy Silver. "The mere fact that we could provide that space for them and for future generations of gay people is more than enough reason for us to do it."
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Date:Dec 6, 2005
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