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A Provincial Writer.

Most people in a senior resident housing
have, in particular, the less of themselves
to speak to all of the world.
And to exclude myself, the author,
in that atmosphere,
I must be a red herring,
specifically, to speak to me,
amongst them,
to be "Doctor Red Herring."

The Editor (Barnstable, MA). After working as a carpenter, radiation monitor, shipyard welder, accounting trainee, and bank examiner, I spent seven years in France teaching English and got a doctoral degree there. Back in the US, I taught at all-black Grambling State University and Bennett College, as well as black/white Elmira College and Fitchburg State University, then became a gypsy adjunct. In the ivory tower, I discovered just how corrupt academics--black and white--could and tended to be, thus created The American Dissident in 1998...

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Publication:The American Dissident
Article Type:Poem
Date:Mar 22, 2018
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