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A Promise of Eden.

A Promise of Eden

Alan Silverman

Tiferet Press

PO Box 1002, Arlington, MA 02474-0020

0978750802 $19.00

A Promise of Eden: Life Energy and Personal Growth in an Age of Transformation is a metaphysical examination of the power of human life energy to unite mind, body, and spirit. Drawing upon the wisdom of the East and West, A Promise of Eden gathers energy teachings from China, India, Kabbalah's Tree of Life, the Old and New Testaments, Western medicine, psychology, and astrology. A Promise of Eden also reveals how understanding life energy can reconcile seemingly irreparable differences between Darwin's theory of evolution and faith, explain the current divisive split in American society, and even point toward the resolution of the ancient disagreement between Judaism and Christianity concerning the identity of Jesus Christ. A holistic and profound exploration of human potential and the spiritual commonalities between seemingly distinct faiths.
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Title Annotation:A Promise of Eden: Life Energy and Personal Growth in an Age of Transformation
Publication:Small Press Bookwatch
Article Type:Book review
Date:Dec 1, 2006
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