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A Progress Report to the Secretary of Education from the President's Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans. White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans.

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The President's Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans was established by the 1990 Executive Order 12729 to advise the Secretary of Education on how to promote quality education for Hispanic Americans. The Commission is also responsible for providing advice to the Secretary on the progress of Hispanic Americans toward the achievement of the National Education Goals; assisting in establishing linkages among public and private educational institutions, government, the private sector, and Hispanic communities for improving education; and providing advice on ways to increase private sector and community involvement in improving education. Using available measures and indicators the Commission found that Hispanic Americans are failing to meet the National Education Goals and are progressing more slowly than other groups. The sources of information reviewed by the Commission included: data on major issues and citizen concerns; information on the participation of Hispanic Americans in nearly 600 education and education-related federal programs, special initiatives directed toward advancing educational excellence for Hispanic Americans; and demographic, socio-economic, and health profiles. The progress report covers the following topics: (1) a snapshot of the status of Hispanics in relation to the National Education Goals; (2) the Commission's ongoing efforts to assemble and examine relevant information and expert opinion; (3) an analysis of the challenge faced by the nation in providing Hispanics with a quality education; (4) a statement of the Commission's vision for the major education-related themes it is addressing, including greater parental involvement and educational partnerships; and (5) finally, the Commission's proposed next steps for carrying out its responsibilities in support of educational excellence for Hispanic Americans and for increasing accountability in both governmental and the educational community to ensure that appropriate progress is made. An appendix contains two exhibits: an inventory of education and education-related federal programs with Hispanic American participation; and demographic, socio-economic, and health profiles of Hispanic Americans. (AA)

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Author:Florez, John; And Others
Publication:ERIC: Reports
Date:Oct 12, 1992
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