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A Problem to be Politically Corrected.

Strange, an ordinary, unadorned word-banal now found, standing, uneasily by its juxtaposition to evil - naked in global light;

employed by one, Hannah Arendt in her assessment of the Holocaust - the "banality of evil."

Three words that reveal a new 20th century hieroglyphic yet to be deciphered; today, years later,

a few, partial, yet complete comprehensions located in light that shines on tattooed, numbered arms.

From on high, radiant epaulets, down to a lone railroad switchman's flag the orders flowed . . .

decrees, edicts, permits, proclamations; exhortations, stamps, credentials, directives; orders - faceless

rubbing bureaucratic elbows; fuse at low temperatures down and across networks;

simply, systematic management of a politically correct demographic problem.

erals d
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Author:Kubicek, J.L.
Publication:The Humanist
Date:May 1, 1995
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