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A Prince among men; PICK OF THE DAY prince philip: 70 years of service ITV, 9pm.

FAIR play to Prince Philip, who has just recently announced his retirement from public duties at the grand old age of 95.

The Queen's husband and right-hand-man has been standing on ceremony for decades, cutting ribbons, shaking hands, talking to hundreds of people about their various interests.

The Duke of Edinburgh is patron, president or a member of more than 780 organisations.

Most people of that age would sooner be putting their feet up, so there was a resounding cheer from those of us who feel he deserves to ditch the tie and jacket and put on some slippers.

With news of his retirement, this documentary has rather speedily put together this celebration of Prince Philip's 70 years of royal duty.

He is the longest-serving consort in British history, from his beginnings as a naval officer to his role as husband of the Queen.

And it's Alan Titchmarsh who guides us through the Duke's work and life to date. Alan has interviewed the Duke several times over the years and was granted one of his last formal interviews, gaining a rare insight into the mind of the man who is known as a moderniser of the Royal family.

And it seems the Duke has not lost his trademark wit since the announcement. When a guest at a St James's Palace event said recently: "I'm sorry to hear you're standing down," he retorted: "Well I can't stand up much longer."

In this film, Alan sees the Duke off-duty at the Royal Windsor Horse Show, hears about the Duke from those closest to him and looks ahead to what this significant moment means for the monarchy.


Prince Philip is retiring after 70 years of royal duty

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