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A Playful Path.

Play is what we do to have fun. A playful path is what we travel when we bring playfulness into the world. A Playful Path is also the title of a wonderful new book by someone who has made a life out of bringing playfulness into the world: games guru, fun theorist, and author Bernie De Koven (ETC Press, 2014). More info (including a free PDF download of the book) is available at

The book is a huge collection of tools and ideas in support of play, and to help us regain our trust in playfulness and in the games we share with others.

There is much material being written about the importance of play for children. But many of us forget to play once we're all grown up. This book makes a convincing case for why we need to change that. In fact, writes DeKoven, "If we want to make it safely and sanely through all the changes coming our way, we're going to need to come out and play."

Wendy Priesnitz shares sources of green information and inspiration

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Title Annotation:The Media Beat
Author:Priesnitz, Wendy
Publication:Natural Life
Article Type:Book review
Date:Mar 1, 2014
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