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A PS188m mess; LETTERS.

snow using only his mouth and a paintbrush is almost beyond belief, and by comparison Tracey Emin presents an unmade soiled bed which she calls a work of art.

Perhaps they should rename Emin's video movie from 'Why I didn't become a dancer' to 'Why I chose not to become a nun'.

RAY WILLIAMS, Shifnal IT IS not often that I find myself in total agreement with George Tyndale, but his views on the new library in Birmingham (throw the books at whoever came up with this mess) matched my own views on this monstrosity.

In the light of day it looks like someone built a pyramid and then decided to throw an extra large roll of chicken wire over the top.

No doubt it looks better at night when all the lights are switched on, and no doubt it would look better still when all the lights in the city are switched off!

The greenery outside the library improves the outward appearance, but it is a blot on the landscape and I can think of many ways of spending PS188 million which would benefit many thousands of people who can't even read.

I presume The Public is an art gallery, but it looks like an oversize cardboard box with holes in it, and it is probably ideal for the so called artistry of Tracy Emin. Should we be surprised that the video being shown in the public is littered with foul language for this woman, with very limited talent, sets out to shock.

There are mouth and foot painters who have fare more talent than Tracey Emin, and they will never get their talents recognised. There is an artist called Trevor Welles and his mastery of painting scenes with
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:Sep 15, 2013
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