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 MEDPLUS Corp. to Offer Health Care Consumers Medical Credit Card
 to Cover Co-Pays, Deductibles and Out-Of-Pocket Expenses
 COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., Sept. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- MEDPLUS Corp. (OTC: MPPI), a Colorado-based health care financial management company, issued the following statement and solutions concerning the impact of health care reform on the individual health care consumer:
 The goal of health care security for all Americans has been a social problem too long ignored. Many middle-income Americans have been forced to forego routine doctor's visits and preventive care in order to pay other bills such as housing and food. While we believe everyone should have quality health care, we concur with President Clinton that everyone must also accept responsibility for the cost of health care, "There cannot be any such thing as a free ride."
 Although there is a small number of Americans who do not pay for health care, most consumers have always incurred and paid a portion of their total health care expenditures, resulting in a self-pay segment of the health care market that has grown to $160 billion annually and continues to grow at a rate of approximately 15 percent per year.
 Like many U.S. companies, MEDPLUS is not waiting for health care reform to become law. Last month, MEDPLUS began offering, with the financial backing of American General Financial and First Family Financial Services, a medical credit card to help consumers obtain medical purchasing power without limiting their total credit available by using existing credit cards.
 Current estimates under the reform package indicate an average American family would pay a yearly maximum out-of-pocket cost of $3,840 and individuals would pay $1,860. These estimates ignore the additional costs not covered under the plan such as choosing a fee-for- service option over the HMO option, or going outside a designated network to see a preferred physician. Most importantly, the plan assumes that consumers can afford the $1,860/$3,840. There also remains a long list of options not included in the plan such as hearing aids, adult eyeglasses and contact lenses, adult dental care, private nursing, cosmetic surgery, in-vitro fertilization and refractive eye surgery to name a few in a list that is expected to grow as the debate over the details of health care reform continues.
 The MEDPLUS medical credit card program, called Patient Plus(R), offers benefits for consumers, providers and the payers of health care.
 To health care consumers Patient Plus offers:
 -- The self-pay portion of health care costs can be above and beyond what many people can afford to pay outright in cash. Most consumers don't want to deplete their savings or freeze their buying power by maxing-out their credit cards. Patient Plus offers consumers an affordable option to manage and budget health care expenditures. By using the medical credit card now, before reform is implemented, consumers will have important buying information when they go to choose a health alliance. For those who are self-employed, Patient Plus allows them to pay their health care purchases after they have received payment from a job or client.
 To health care providers Patient Plus offers:
 -- In the short-term, Patient Plus offers physicians, dentists and other providers a customer service option for their patients who can't pay the bill in one lump sum. Gone are the days of 30, 60, 90 and 120 day accounts receivables. Patient Plus is a non-recourse credit line that allows providers to focus on patient care, not patient financing. Long-term, one of the components of health care reform is simplicity.
 Providers have long been seeking a seamless health care delivery system that provides electronic integration through the entire health care system -- Patient Plus provides that financial link, simplifying the endless billing paperwork.
 In fact, according to Aviva Truesdell, senior vice president Business Services, for Center of Health Resources, a majority owned subsidiary of Hospital Council of Southern California, patients and providers are already looking for sources of health care financing. "Based on President Clinton's speech outlining health care reform, it's certainly apparent there will be patient-pay and responsibility on the health care consumer."
 To the payers of health care bills, this means:
 -- With the emergence of health care alliances, employees will be able to choose their own health care plan. Patient Plus is an added value service employers can add to their existing benefit packages to attract and retain high-quality employees.
 According to James W. Snyder, chairman of MEDPLUS Corp., what is ahead in health care is a paradigm shift to a consumer-driven industry. "As health care costs continue to grow, more and more consumers are watching as their deductibles and co-payments increase. With the proposed reform package, some customers may see a decrease and others will see an increase in their share of health care spending, and all consumers will need to become better informed to make the best decisions. I believe empowering consumers in the health care market will provide the incentive that long has been needed to keep costs low and quality high."
 MEDPLUS Corp., a health care financing organization (HFO), is dedicated to providing strategic and innovative financial solutions for consumers, providers and payers of health care expenditures. MEDPLUS Corp. is headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colo., with a field office in Las Vegas. For more information contact Robert T. Ryman, MEDPLUS Corp., 719-575-0044.
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 /CONTACT: Robert T. Ryman, 719-575-0044/

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