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A PIZZA NONSENSE; ex-defender in the dock Former footballer pretended to be takeaway delivery man as he stalked lawyers linked to his PS300k divorce.


A FORMER footballer stalked two lawyers linked to his PS300,000 divorce case - and pretended to be a pizza delivery man to keep tabs on one of his victims.

Alan Mackin hounded Grant MacLean, 55, and Ronald Fulton, 65.

The ex-Queen's Park, Motherwell, Falkirk, Partick and Queen of the South defender - and former East Stirling chairman - turned up at MacLean's home with a pizza box. He also threatened to "sort out" Fulton.

Mackin denied the claims relating to incidents in May and June 2017 but the 64-year-old was convicted of engaging in conduct that would cause fear and alarm.

Mackin was fined PS750 as his antics were branded "a piece of nonsense" by a sheriff.

Mackin - who now lives in Majorca, Spain - ran up a PS49,000 legal bill with MacLean's company.

Glasgow Sheriff Court heard the firm had been recommended by Fulton to handle his divorce proceedings. MacLean later tried to collect the fee but ended up being plagued by Mackin.

Mackin pounced on the solicitor one morning in the city's Crossmyloof and claimed he had "ruined his life". MacLean: "I did not know who he was and he was saying, 'Do you know who I am?' He was really animated, upset and a bit annoyed."

Mackin also branded one of the lawyer's colleagues "a f*****g b***h". Two days later, he turned up as MacLean went to work.

MacLean told prosecutor Graham MacDonald: "He came up to me, said 'good morning' and then jogged off. It was as if he was letting me know he was there."

Two of the lawyer's neighbours told how Mackin appeared at his home. Isabella Graham, 67, witnessed Mackin seemingly delivering a takeaway meal.

The witness added: "He was carrying a pizza box but it did not look as if there was one in it."

Maggie Elliott, 74, told the trial Mackin turned up claiming he had a package for MacLean.

She said: "He was well-dressed and not threatening at first.

"However, he did not have a parcel or identification, so I became a bit alarmed. I asked him to leave but he kept asking for Grant."

Mackin also had a run-in with Fulton - once a business partner of MacLean. Fulton had recom-mended a lawyer at MacLean's firm to work on the divorce case.

But Fulton said: "He was not happy about what was being done. He said if I did not get it sorted, he would get people to sort me out."

The lawyer, a Queen's Park supporter, said he knew Mackin from once playing for the club. Mackin said he met Fulton at his office as he was in Glasgow to see his picture being revealed at Queen's Park Hall of Fame at Lesser Hampden.

He refuted a claim by fiscal MacDonald of being "agitated" that day. Mackin: "No, I was in a good mood. I was going to see my picture and Ronnie even congratulated me."

Mackin was convicted by Sheriff Kenneth Hogg.

The sheriff blasted: "This is a piece of nonsense and stupidity on your behalf, whether you like it or not. You shouldn't have got involved in this."


'STUPIDITY' Alan Mackin at court and Ronald Fulton, left. Pictures: Spindrift

VETERAN Mackin in playing days, left, and in 2017

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