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A Nobel Prize to the Infiltrators!

Ever since the eruption of the recent Arab revolutions, the people have been receiving warnings about the presence of "infiltrators" described by the governments as being "opposed to security and stability," and planning on using the protests to carry out sabotage and create anarchy. Are these infiltrators real human beings or fictive, extraterrestrial or electronic creatures in the eyes of the governments?! In his speech, "fleeing" Tunisian President Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali said that the incidents and demonstrations witnessed in Tunisian cities were the acts of a few opponents disgruntled by Tunisia's success and harmed by the progress and development it has achieved, adding: "They are hired infiltrators mobilized by foreign sides that do not wish Tunisia well."

For his part, "ousted" Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak said that the protesters in Egypt were mobilized by thousands of infiltrators who received training abroad. As for Muammar Gaddafi - in the famous speech he delivered on February 22 - he accused a few "infiltrators" of seeking to sabotage Libya by providing hallucination pills and funds paid to hired people with foreign agendas. In the meantime, the Syrian News Agency assured that some infiltrators exploited the situation following the gathering of a number of citizens in the Daraa province near Al-Omari Mosque and intentionally generated chaos and anarchy, thus prompting the intervention of the security forces to uphold the safety of the citizens. In the Land of the Two Rivers on the other hand, Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki found no way to express his concerns vis-Ea-vis the series of demonstrations staged in Iraqi cities except through warnings against the presence of infiltrators.

Following Hosni Mubarak's ousting, I asked an Egyptian friend: Did you catch any of the infiltrators?! To which he immediately replied: "Where are they? The people are looking for them to salute them!" Unfortunately, these infiltrators were not seen by the people, rather by the regimes and the security apparatuses which are mobilizing "thugs" to insult the protesters, but also to kill them, terrorize them and prevent them from expanding their legitimate demands.

It thus seems that these regimes have not renewed their policies, consciences or the way they deal with their people, and are still depicting the demonstrators as being demonic "infiltrators." And later on, after these regimes offer concessions, collapse, escape or succumb to the fait accompli, it is proven that the allegations regarding the presence of "infiltrators" are mere fiction, only existing in the heads of those governing the people through "police regimes." It had become clear - ever since the success of the Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions - that the Arab governments have grown concerned and confused vis-Ea-vis the "scarecrow" of the infiltrators, after the majority of the population has become composed of "infiltrators" who have "integrated" the ranks, the crowds and the masses in a public way, while raising the slogan "the people want to overthrow the regime" and rejecting any of the empty promises of the existing governments.

The Arab street did not miss the opportunity to mock and make jokes about the governments' allegations and warnings about the presence of infiltrators, as the January 25 Revolution Youth group on the social networking websites responded to the accusations of the Egyptian government at the time by mockingly saying: "I am an infiltrator, I am an infiltrator. All I need is an agenda and a meal, that is all I require. Whether from Hardee's or Kentucky, get me a Dinner Box without lettuce. I am an infiltrator, I am an infiltrator, and so are the people. I am an infiltrator, I am an infiltrator. I have a Mr. X agenda!"

And in a rapid and decisive response from Syria's youth to the accusations of the Syrian regime regarding the presence of infiltrators among the people, they opened a group on Facebook entitled "I am an infiltrator." They stated in its description: "I, the Syrian citizen, hereby recognize while enjoying my full mental capacity that I am an infiltrator in the people's demands. I will thus defend my right to infiltrate all national issues, whether you like it or not."In the meantime, thousands of young Syrians are still joining the group while reiterating: "Infiltrators, infiltrators, from Daraa to Sheikh Maskin," whereas a number of Syrian journalists and activists using their actual names are contributing to the page and others are using nicknames. Omar al-Assaad thus wrote: "Since I am like the rest of the Syrian people, I recognize I am an infiltrator with you. So allow me to be an infiltrator among you because that would be better for me." As for Bassel Rifai, he wrote: "After I listened to the man who inspired infiltration, i.e. member of the People's Assembly for the Daraa province Mr. Khaled Abboud, I announce my accession or rather my infiltration in this group. Accept my deepest infiltration." One of the members mockingly conveyed the government's accusations by saying: "The general directorate of the army, the armed forces and the internal security forces announced the availability of vacancies. Highly experienced "infiltrators" required," while another called Qays Maher saluted all the infiltrators "inch by inch, house by house, Zanga Zanga," in reference to Gaddafi's famous speech about the "rats" and the "delusional."

How plagued this "infiltrator" is, as all the accusations are being cast against him unfairly, while he has not been caught by the governments or the people until this day! May God protect you O infiltrators from the lurking and "infiltrating" police bullets! You deserve a Nobel Peace Prize for having saved Arab populations from oppressive practices and mobilized the squares with patriotic slogans to topple tyrannical regimes!

What is certain is that the train is still proceeding down the right revolutionary track, and that the tales regarding infiltrators and delusional are mere condemnable expressions uttered in false security contexts. It is demonstrated - by the day - that the people are more aware than the governments and that they no longer believe the intimidation tricks after they rolled their sleeves to get their rights with their own hands, and not with those of apparatuses that are oppressing, excluding, terrorizing and attacking them.

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Publication:Dar Al Hayat, International ed. (Beirut, Lebanon)
Date:Mar 28, 2011
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