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A New Year's kiss - then send a text.


A KISS at midnight on New Year's Eve is no longer enough for some partygoers.

Millions of us will now be seeing in the New Year with a mobile phone in our hands as we send text messages to our friends and loved ones.

A record number of texts are expected to be sent tonight as people celebrate the turn of the year.

And phone network Orange are predicting that 159m text messages will be sent this New Year in the UK - a 25% increase on last year.

Orange said it had seen an increase in SMS traffic on January 1 for the past two years, with a record 159m messages likely to be fired off by customers during this year's celebrations.

An Orange spokesman said: "We expect to see a record number of text messages being sent, as customers start the New Year with a festive message to their friends, family and colleagues."

The Examiner asked Huddersfield shoppers if they too would be tapping out the texts at the strike of midnight or too busy singing Auld Lang Syne.

Many will be tapping in their texts but others will be too busy partying.

Who will you be texting at midnight? Sheila Richardson, 73, Taylor Hill "We're just going to celebrate at a local pub - I don't bother sending any texts because everyone will be there that night anyway, so I don't see the point."

Kelly Hodgson, 24, Elland "I'm working on New Year's Day so it's not much fun and I don't really send any texts. A few of my friends do but not many."

Dave White, Oldfield "We send texts and receive texts back - we'll send about a dozen or so to close friends and family."

Sophie Van Rooyen, 17, Newsome "I don't bother sending any texts - they never get there at the right time anyway it's always half an hour later.

Isha Mullings, 21, Almondbury "I send loads. I use Blackberry Messenger now and I always send messages to everyone in my phone book.

"I'm going to be sending messages to about 200 people this year.

"Some people start sending them at about 11.30pm before so they get through on time and then you get loads at midnight and a few come through later on New Year's Day."
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Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:Dec 31, 2010
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