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A New Wound Patch That Stops Arterial Bleeding in a Few Minutes is Being Evaluated by the US Military.

--Commercial Release Expected Within One Year--

MADISON, Wis., Oct. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- In animal studies at the University of Wisconsin, the Hemarrest(TM) Patch, a wound care patch developed by Clarion Pharmaceuticals Inc., stopped arterial bleeding in less than five minutes. Approximately 2.5 million cases of coronary catheterization are undertaken in the US alone. According to Clarion Pharmaceuticals' founder and President, Dr. Thaddeus Pruss, there are currently no comparable treatments for stopping the arterial hemorrhaging that occurs as part of this procedure. In a comparative test against competing products, the Hemarrest(TM) Patch demonstrated superior efficacy and is projected to have significant cost advantages.

The US military is currently evaluating Hemarrest(TM) Patch. Clarion expects that the Hemarrest(TM) Patch will be the military's product of choice because of its superior performance in treating various forms of trauma. Because all of the components of the Hemarrest(TM) Patch are FDA approved, Clarion estimates that the product will be approved by the FDA within 12 months.

Clarion Pharmceuticals Inc. holds the patents on this product and several other key compounds that will provide for significant enhancements to treating medical conditions in wound care and respiratory therapy. Plans are to establish its wound care business in Cleveland, Ohio, while corporate headquarters will remain in Madison Wisconsin.
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Date:Oct 26, 1998
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