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A New Video SEO Answer Sets Out to Break Old Affiliate Boxes.

Bangalore, India, May 15, 2014 --( Picwhizz hails a new era for online marketers - in sync with contemporary technology disruptions.

Picwhizz, a scion of SEO-Specialist veteran team from, that has been in the SEO outsourcing business since 2007; is rising out fast and wide from start-up incubation cocoons.

The pace and passion with which it is scaling its prospects and technology-wherewithal, hint at a new online marketing climate being heralded soon.

While it may sound like another attempt at bridging some gaps in affiliate marketing contours, this new venture, propped well by the expertise of seasoned specialist Bob Massa, is razor-sharp in its focus on attacking the biggest and most stubborn problems that have been holding back merchants and advertisers so far.

It is no surprise why conventional and shockingly-atavistic affiliate marketing models keep spewing issues and constraints every next year with no tangible progress for brands lost in a mirage of Internet marketing. No doubt then that most affiliates still carry stereotypes of a fraudulent system, encumbered with a gaping lack of transparency, simplicity, contextual or performance-based effectiveness and at the same time, an overdose of fragmentation, complicated commission/click/margin formats, errors and bad placements.

The status quo has been screaming for a change since long but it needed more than a shallow answer. It called for something that cuts deep into the malaise and slices well the many facets that marketers dream but never achieve.

“Almost every affiliate program available has strict rules of what can be sold how, where and for how much. Then all the money goes to the broker (such as commission junction), and the affiliate gets paid 45 days or more later and that is only if it is not held back for some reason. Consequentially, when there is a problem with payment; affiliates have no good way of resolving disputes. Hence, there is no option but the affiliate is forced to accept anything the broker says as law. It's not fair,” explains CEO Bob Massa.

“What we've done is create an entire management system that is powerful yet very efficient to empower the affiliate to make the customer 'his' customer meaning he gets paid first. Instead of forcing the affiliate to trust me, I start out trusting the affiliate,” Massa states.

The excitement and appetite seems to echo in the way online marketing, a second wave of ecommerce and analytics (spurred by Big Data) is stirring the Indian market of late. It looks like the perfect time to attack old-world constraints and incarnate a new universe of sorts that addresses all affiliate marketing myopia the industry has suffered so far.

Picwhizz is excited in bringing forth a set of processes and software to allow resellers and affiliates to market Video SEO services under their own brand. It also injects a disruptive force called Video SEO as it sets a new trail in this forest.

“We have been doing video SEO for over two years now and since Google's recent focus on eliminating most SEO link building, video SEO is one of the few legitimate link building techniques left to professional online marketers. This has created a huge demand in the online marketing community. Picwhizz is a video SEO service built so my company, with 18 years experience in SEO, does all production work under the affiliate's brand name,” Massa asserts.

The idea is to add several more products and services to our back end system over the next two years but as he explains, the team selected Video SEO as the first launch due to fast growing demand for video promotion across the world. “We want to start an affiliate marketing revolution putting the power into the hands of the people actually generating sales by taking away the control from brokers.”

Picwhizz provides the production, the distribution, the reporting and the tracking allowing the reseller/affiliate to focus only on sales.

You can learn more and contact us at for any further info.

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Date:May 15, 2014
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