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A New School Year, A New Opportunity.

With the new school year now fully in gear, it's time for teachers, home schoolers, parents, and students to begin thinking of ways to communicate the pro-life message in the classroom. For students looking for ideas for science papers, ethical debates, politics, and government - - the list goes on and on - - there are plenty of current developments in the news that relate to abortion.

One great place to start is NRLC's award-winning web page - -

For government and current events classes: if you decided to take a break this summer and didn't keep up, be sure to check our information on two legislative "hot topics."

The first is the "Unborn Victims of Violence Act" (UVVA), which would make a preborn child a separate victim if he or she were harmed by a criminal committing a federal crime. There is quite a bit of information on NRLC's grassroots campaign to pass the UVVA in the Senate.

The second is the ongoing debate over embryonic stem cell research. Our web page contains a wealth of information on President Bush's August 9 decision which prevented federal funding for research that would require the destruction of human embryos, thoughtful articles on the topic, and so forth. All this in addition to a link to the "Do No Harm" web page that promotes life-affirming alternatives.

Note that these are just two of the legislative items with which pro-lifers are contending.

For ethics or religion classes: The stem cell debate provides excellent grist for the mill. Should the tax-payer be required to fund research that requires that human embryos be destroyed as the Spector-Harkin bill would do? Should embryos ever be created solely for research? Given the promise demonstrated by adult stem cell research, why isn't more attention paid to this unobjectionable alternative?

For science and biology classes: Again, there are plenty of references on our web page to rapid advances in the area of adult stem cell research. Of course, the study of fetal development is itself a marvelous pro-life opportunity.

Even a biology teacher not dealing with abortion in any way will be inadvertently promoting the pro-life cause by making sure that students know when a child's heart takes its first beats, when his or her tiny fingerprints develop, and when brain waves can be measured.

These are just a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Let us know how we can assist. If you need educational resources, send me an e-mail. You can reach me (Joe Landrum) at, or just hit "Contact Us" on our web page.

I can send you a copy of our new fact sheet on stemcell research, along with all of our other fact sheets on Planned Parenthood, RU486, the economic impact of abortion, statistics and trends, and the basics of the abortion issue.

We also have resources that have stood the test of time, such as "When Does Life Begin?" (with excellent photos of unborn children at various stages of development), and "Abortion: Some Medical Facts," which deals with abortion techniques, as well as physical and psychological effects associated with various procedures. The complete text, with footnotes, is available on our web page.
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Date:Sep 1, 2001
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