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A New Dictionary of the French Revolution.

A New Dictionary of the French Revolution. Richard Ballard. I.B. Tauris. [pounds sterling] 65.00. xxv + 422 pages. ISBN 978-1-84885-465-9. This title, Mr Ballard's second book on the revolution in France, is a most welcome addition to the resources available both to students and undergraduates and to the general reader who needs to refresh his memory. With over 400 references the hook is a gold mile of information with entries on events, places, people, ideas, and parties. The author has also made considerable use of French sources and has sometimes given lesser known people fuller entries than the more famous, e.g. Robespierre. People who do not merit separate entries are frequently included in entries on larger topics and their names can be found in the index. There is a chronology, maps and a bibliography and in some entries a recommended text has been listed at the end. The author's approach is seen in the first entry--absolute monarchy--which he argues is a misnomer for the reigns of Louis XIV, Louis XV and Louis XVI as each was restrained by a variety of forces and institutions. True absolutism came with the revolution. The approach throughout is impartial and fair and this volume is to be highly recommended. There is also a paperback edition at [pounds sterling] 1 7.99. (A.C.T.)
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Publication:Contemporary Review
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Date:Jun 1, 2012
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