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A New Chapter for Product Design & Development.

At Product Design & Development, we're always seeking to improve our coverage of trends and issues that are important to you as you develop products and technologies of the future. We've got some exciting news to share as we get ready to enter our 74th year of publishing.

Beginning in January, Product Design & Development will be published four times a give design engineers even more useful, actionable information for product design. But before we head into the future, we still have an interesting December issue. Our p. 4 story, "Where COTS Designs Stand in the IoT Gold Rush," examines the trends toward COTS (Commercial off the Shelf) technology in IoT systems. In the story, contributing writer Majeed Ahmad notes that COTS-based embedded processing year and become a bound special section within Electronic Component News, the flagship brand for Advantage Business Marketing's Design Engineering Group.

Our mission has not changed; Product Design & Development will continue to provide in-depth how-to and technology trend articles in key areas such as robotics, motion control, advanced manufacturing technology, materials, design and prototyping tools, and other subjects. Product Design & Development will complement ECN's coverage of electronic components, subsystems, semiconductors, passive components, interconnects, test equipment, and other products, and another quarterly special section, Wireless Design and Development, which covers critical wireless and communications technologies.

Combined, the three brands will give you, the design engineer, a comprehensive, one-stop source of design engineering information to help you create products and systems faster, more efficiently, and at a lower cost.

You may have already noticed the brand integration on the Product Design & Development website, which several months ago was merged into the ECN website. We also plan to generate more original content on our sites that will systems are finding their way into mission-critical industrial and transportation applications. Now, processors have built-in security features to stave off hackers and reliably operate in IoT networks.

On p. 6, "Consider These Factors When Developing Automotive Body Control Applications," by Cypress Semiconductor, examines key considerations for electronics in automotive body control applications. These factors include safety, security, connectivity, performance, power consumption, supply-chain dependability, and ease of development.

On p. 8, "High Pressure Pump Speeds Up Virus Filtration and Concentration Process," from Watson-Marlow, explains how the company's Ouantum pump enabled Goodwin Biotechnology Inc. to speed the purification cycle for one of its customers.

Finally, on p. 10, "Predictive Maintenance Avoids Downstream Machine Failures," by EU Automation, discusses how plants should learn how to utilize predictive maintenance data to monitor and warn of impending machine failures, enabling the replacement of parts before machine failures cause unwanted downtime.

Finally, to our loyal readers, best wishes for a happy, healthy holiday season and a prosperous 2019!

Spencer Chin, Managing Editor

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Title Annotation:At Issue
Author:Chin, Spencer
Publication:Product Design & Development
Date:Nov 1, 2018
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