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A New Agenda in (Critical) Discourse Analysis: Theory, Methodology, and Interdisciplinary.


A new agenda in (critical) discourse analysis; theory, methodology, and interdisciplinary.

Ed. by Ruth Wodak and Paul Chilton.

John Benjamins Publishing Co.


321 pages



Discourse approaches to politics, society, and culture; v.13


As Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) grows in popularity within various disciplines, it also appears to be gathering fans in new disciplines at a rapid pace. It works with social theory and aspects of linguistics to get a detailed understanding of complex issues. Although CDA's popularity will likely grow, those who practice it have some suggestions for innovations and refinements, particularly in interdisciplinary CDA (such as in research and in contextual knowledge management) and in promoting interdisciplinary work. To illustrate how CDA can contribute to interdisciplinarity, contributors offer case studies in analyzing European Union discourses and empirically researching the European Convention or concepts of European Union identity. Articles addressing CDA inside and outside traditional disciplines include studies of anti-Semitism, social order, and the anthropology of institutions and discourse analysis.

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Date:Nov 1, 2005
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