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2019 has often been deemed as the Year of the Woman. All over our country, women are breaking through barriers and shattering glass ceilings every single day. Although historically women and their stories have often been dismissed, they have created the legacy and opportunities we know today and we will not let them fade away.

The Women's Hall of Fame serves to honor Arkansas women that have made our world a better place. In doing so, we recognize not only our Hall of Fame honorees, but we recognize the potential of all women who are working even today for the betterment of our society. We recognize and reflect on the contributions of these women--their personal stories--in order to inspire and equip young women to not only follow in their footsteps, but to diverge onto new paths. Representation matters, and these women represent wholeheartedly who we are as a state, and who we aspire to become.

In our fifth year of the Arkansas Women's Hall of Fame, we honor the work, impact, and legacy of an inspiring and diverse group of women. Among these women include an environmentalist, a lawyer, a journalist, a pilot, and many CEOs, many of whom have impacted my own personal and professional life. Each honoree reminds we what it takes to work, what it means to be dedicated, and that it takes a village to to make our community a better, stronger place for all.

We honor the past so that we can champion the future, and we are extremely grateful for every sponsor, and each one of you, for allowing us to celebrate what Arkansas women can accomplish and what our collective power can create.

Thank you,

Anna Beth Gorman

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Author:Gorman, Anna Beth
Publication:Arkansas Business
Date:Aug 12, 2019
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