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A Million Dollars Worth of Vehicle Crash Tests Validates Safe Drive-Away Times for Sika Auto Glass Adhesives; Setting Industry Standards for Safe Drive-Away Times With Modeling, Testing and Validation.

MADISON HEIGHTS, Mich. -- Sika-Industry continues to set the standards in Auto Glass Replacement (AGR) having now spent over one million dollars test-crashing vehicles to validate the Safe Drive-Away Times for Sika Auto Glass adhesives. Sika-Industry has been the pioneer of Safe Drive-Away Times (SDAT's) for auto glass products and now they have extended their leadership by creating industry standards and models for validating these products.

Sika's auto glass replacement adhesives undergo a series of testing, analysis and validation. The first step is the use of high-speed 'tensile' pull testing to determine an adhesive's early strength or "green strength" capabilities. In Sika laboratories, technicians condition adhesive beads in a climate-controlled chamber and then immediately place the bead in a high-speed tensile testing machine. The high-speed tensile testing machine then transmits the data from each tensile pull test to a specially programmed computer.

A unique software program accumulates literally tens of thousand of data points in a few milliseconds from each pull test. Each data point is a measurement of energy and stress. Total energy absorption and peak stress are then calculated for each bead of adhesive. These data points are then plotted and graphed by the software program producing calculations that are then analyzed by Sika technicians.

Sika technicians analyze the time that it takes each bead, at a variety of climatic conditions, to reach required strength levels. With the strength measurements on one axis and the time measurements on another axis, a Safe Drive Away Time point is then determined for each and every Sika product that is developed. The resulting data then becomes Sika Safe Drive Away Time Charts.

By plotting the time it takes for each adhesive bead to develop the strength required to exceed applicable FMVSS guidelines, under numerous climatic conditions, Sika is then able to use its SDAT Charts as conclusive proof for each and every Sika auto glass adhesive. The only thing left to do is to provide final validation.

Validation is the final step in the SDAT modeling process. The best way to validate performance of Sika products is through crash testing conducted by independent and certified automotive test laboratories. Sika adhesives have been crash tested at several different laboratories throughout the world including TRC (Transportation Research Corporation) of East Liberty, Ohio; Veridian Corporation of Buffalo, New York; TUV of Stuttgart, Germany and Ford Motor Company of Dearborn, Michigan. Sika has conducted numerous FMVSS, as well as OEM specified crash tests, at each of these facilities all for one purpose; to validate all test data contained in Sika's safe drive away time charts.

Testing, measurement, analysis, conclusion, and validation means auto glass installers can have total confidence in the reliability of Sika products plus it offers additional installer benefits:

1. Competitiveness: Sika's combined menu of adhesive systems provide the most cost effective means for safe auto glass installation in conjunction with the fastest safe drive away times in the industry.

2. Liability Risk Management: When auto glass technicians release a vehicle whose glass has been correctly installed, using Sika approved procedures, and the vehicle is held according to Sika SDAT's, glass shop owners know they have provided a vehicle that is safe to drive.

3. Partnership: A responsible partner that provides the assurance and image of being the best at meeting after-market auto glass installation needs, along with many value added services to help them grow their business.

Pioneering the concept of Safe Drive-Away Times is another example of the innovation and leadership that has made Sika the industry leader for Auto Glass Replacement products. Sika provides a wide range of high quality AGR products noted for their ease of application, safe drive-away times, durability and performance. Sika is the number one provider of AGR adhesives in the United States. Sika's reliability has been proven through millions of successful windshield replacements.

Sika-Industry is a leading supplier of innovative solutions for bonding, sealing, damping, protection and acoustic control in the truck/trailer, auto glass replacement, metal building, marine and appliance markets. Product lines include polyurethane adhesives and sealants, hot melt adhesives and non- skinning butyl sealants with specific applications for transportation, marine and appliance industries. Sika-Industry, based in Madison Heights, Michigan, is a division of Sika Corporation based in Lyndhurst, New Jersey. Sika Corporation is part of the Sika Group based in Baar, Switzerland, a global enterprise founded nearly 100 years ago. Sika-Industry provides manufacturers with proven expertise in effective and economical ways to bond, seal and control sound quality. More information is available at


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Date:Sep 25, 2002
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