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A Mel of a motor; The former model fell for her hubby Wayne after he crashed through the window of a car on their first date and drove her home with a broken arm.

Byline: Melinda Messenger

Pay day car


It was my first cool car. It was red with a union jack on top and cream leather interior. I always wanted an MX-5 up to that point but the Mini was brilliant. It got lots of looks too, mainly from guys.

Verdict Customiser's dream.


Old man's motor

Honda Civic

My brother told me to get it but I soon found out why they say it's one for the pipe and slippers brigade. It didn't really have a lot going for it. I felt like I was driving my dad's old car but it did have air conditioning, power steering and was fairly reliable.

Verdict Rock solid couldn't make up for dull as ditchwater styling.


Current car

Toyota Rav4

I have three kids so I have to think practically. It's quite high up and easy to manoeuvre and feels really solid but nippy. It's an automatic so it's really easy and it has never let me down. We also have a Chrysler Grand Voyager. I feel like an air stewardess when I go back there and check they are all buckled up, have their drinks and in flight entertainment.

Verdict Versatile Japanese 4x4 is a big hit here.


The first car

Mini Metro

I have fond memories of that car. I loved it but had to start it by pushing it along the road to get the engine going. It was a beaten-up old banger so I never had to worry about parking. I even left it unlocked. I got fed-up having to jump-start it every time I stopped.

Verdict Pint-sized Brit had reputation for being unreliable.


Topless number


I only got the chance to get the roof down once or twice before my brother Jamie wrote it off. I was fine as long as he was unharmed but then he broke one of my plates off the dresser and I freaked.

Verdict Smart roadster blighted by reliability issues.


The dream car

Nissan Figaro

I want one in every colour. I don't care if it's a Nissan Micra underneath, it looks gorgeous. I live at the end of a bumpy lane and it might be cruel squeezing three kids in but it would be cruelty in the name of fashion.

Verdict Popular with people who don't like driving.

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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jun 2, 2010
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