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A Matinee in Plato's Cave.

A Matinee in Plato's Cave

Rob Griffith

Water Press and Media

2004 Whitebridge Road, Argyle, TX 76226

0974452467, $12.95, No Web Address

Professor of English and prolific poet Rob Griffith makes his debut with his own anthology of poetry in "A Matinee in Plato's Cave", a set of poems focusing on the human experience instead of the nature and environmental element so many poetry collections take on. With poems focusing on all aspects of humanity, "A Matinee in Plato's Cave" is a moving collection indeed, recommended for community library poetry collections. Leaving by Train: The platform, long and black against the green/Surrounding hills, shines with pools of rain/That cast back the clearing sky in cold, Uncertain blues. Alone, he stands and waits,//The quiet morning gone, the 10:15/A dream of steel and light not yet arrived. Though barely spring, delphinium and rue/Burst along the verge, their crowbar roots//Crowding every fissure, every crease and fold, He wonders why his heart, a paper hive/Long empty,/remains immune to change/While the whole prismatic world dissolves. The shoots/Of Tulips tremble in the breeze, still freighted/with rain. He shuts his eyes against the view.
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Publication:Small Press Bookwatch
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Date:Jul 1, 2008
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