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A MILLION MOMS COULDN'T ACCEPT TWO MORE: Conservative group boycotts Disney over same-sex parents in animation.

A new Hulu animated series, The Bravest Knight (right), is getting a great reception, in part because it stars some of our favorite out actors playing queer parts, including gay-dad leads T.R. Knight and Wilson Cruz. And the lesson-infused kids' show doesn't shy away from LGBTQ content. There's even a male fairy named Lucy (voiced by A.J. McLean) who nonchalantly quips when asked why he has a girl's name: "Names belong to people, not genders."

But LGBTQ family equality in entertainment is always one step forward, two steps back. Conservative group One Million Moms announced a boycott against Disney's new animated feature Toy Story 4 in a June post titled "Disney Blindsides Families With Lesbian Scene in Toy Story 4."

All the fuss is over a few short scenes, lasting only seconds, in which a female couple drops off and picks up their children at school in the background. As of press time, the boycott didn't seem to be catching fire. While OMM was busy acquiring just over 14,000 signatures in support of the boycott, Toy Story 4 was breaking box office records. It has now become the fifth Disney film this year to gross over one billion dollars.

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Title Annotation:FAMILY: EQUALITY
Author:Guerrero, Desiree
Publication:The Advocate (The national gay & lesbian newsmagazine)
Date:Oct 1, 2019
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