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A Look Back at 2019 and Forward to 2020.

The holidays are around the corner and the NDTA Staff hopes it is a special time for you and your family. We also remember all serving in the military and government, especially those deployed around the world and thank them for their sacrifices--hoping they return safely. It is hard to fathom, but looking ahead, we will soon ring in a new decade, and we do so with optimism, sincerity and hope.

Looking back on the NDTA-USTRANSCOM Fall Meeting, we are grateful for the success of the event to provide open dialog, engagement, and educational opportunities between and with government and industry. I want to provide a few highlights from the Fall Meeting, but you can find additional information posted at

Elaine L. Chao, Secretary of the Department of Transportation, warmly addressed the audience and recognized the 75th Anniversary of NDTA. She stressed the Department's support for innovation in every sector of transportation, including her goal to innovate while balancing safety (her number one priority) with the rollout of emerging technologies such as autonomous vehicles. Her support for infrastructure improvements throughout the nation's transportation networks was evident, covering all transportation modes and highlighting shipbuilding and ports infrastructure.

General Steve Lyons, USTRANSCOM Commander, challenged the audience with a concept for Global Command and Control that emphasized digital modernization and leveraging technology to set conditions for the US to retain a comparative advantage in order to avoid great power conflict. Our success as logisticians and transporters will rely on the enterprise's ability to be strategically predictable and operationally unpredictable to deploy and support military forces globally.

Cybersecurity remains a top discussion priority, but it is clear we need to take our discussions up a notch. We have "admitted we have a problem." Most companies are familiar with and are implementing the applicable National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) SP800-171. But companies are starting to ask if the NIST standards are enough to lower the attack surface presented to would-be adversaries. Likewise, there is frustration over who within government is in charge. These are all things that need to be sorted out. Many thanks to Mr. Tom Musante from Atlas Air Worldwide for running the cyber panel with leaders from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI). Thank you also to Mr. Ted Rybeck for facilitating a joint Cyber Committee meeting that included Maj. Gen. Thomas E. Murphy, Director, Protecting Critical Technology Task Force.

A loud "shout out" goes to the Transportation Academy and the team of experts from USTRANSCOM and NDTA who worked to make these world-class educational sessions productive, informative and insightful. Mr. Jack Svoboda and Mr. Tim Ringdahl from USTRANSCOM, along with Mr. Irv Varkonyi, NDTA's Educational Coordinator, have made the Transportation Academy an enduring brand of the Fall Meeting. And thank you to all the wonderful instructors! We recorded as many of the Transportation Academy classes as possible. Those will not appear in the print magazine, but will be covered in the DTJ Online. We are committed to making the Fall Meeting even better next year so please mark your calendars for 5-8 October 2020 in St. Louis.

Continuing on the subject of 2020, the NDTA Board of Directors has been looking forward toward the initiatives we will focus on during the next calendar year. Those goals will focus on our chapters, members and foundation. As President, along with the NDTA Staff, we will be looking to provide more chapter assistance and outreach to NDTA chapters around the world. Chapters are the historical backbone of NDTA. The chapters bring in new, young, vibrant talent. We want chapters to continue to support younger professionals' involvement and bring the Transportation Academy model to the local level. More discussion is needed regarding the issues facing government and industry at the chapter level. This initiative is not just about potentially adding membership, but adding to the richness of the discussion in a very professional environment. Please give your full support to our chapter presidents!

Also, in 2020 we will focus on one of our core mission areas involving education. The NDTA Scholarship Foundation is the preeminent means by which we award scholarships to deserving students who measure up to NDTA's high standards. It is gratifying to see the fruits of NDTA scholarships when students visit or write about their hope for the future--reminding us that we are part of that equation. Please read about the Scholarship Foundation on our website and become a part of the NDTA educational mission!

Sail fast into the new decade! My best to you, always.

VADM William A. Brown, USN (Ret.)

NDTA President & CEO



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Date:Dec 1, 2019
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