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A Little Thanks Goes a Long Way; TWC Customer Appreciation Benefits Education and Sends Customers on Big Picture Tour.


To continue their support of their "Cable in the Classroom" program, Time Warner Cable and Warner Bros. stores Thursday announced that they will direct a portion of the proceeds from their "Big Picture" promotion to this important educational service.

During "The Big Picture" promotion, portions of sales at Warner Brothers Studio Stores will go towards the support of the vital "Cable in the Classroom" program which supports our school systems with top-notch commercial-free educational programming and High Speed Cable Internet Access. "Cable in the Classroom" is a non-profit public service organization created by the cable industry almost a decade ago. Cable operators have invested over $500 million in this program and today Cable in the Classroom is available in more than 78,000 schools nationwide to more than 41 million students.

Time Warner wants all of their cable customers to know that they appreciate their business. They also want to let people know that when they become a subscriber of Time Warner they become part of an extended family. Time Warners' family which today includes, Time Inc.'s publishing, Warner Bros. Studio Stores, Turner Sports, The WB Television Network, Time Warner Cable Networks, Warner Home Video, Warner Music Group and Warner Books.

Later this week, Time Warner will send out a limited edition magazine entitled The Big Picture, to households in their Orange County, South Bay, West Valley, South Pasadena and Canyon Country markets. The magazine titled, "The Big Picture" will spotlight the entire Time Warner family and be packed with special gifts and offers and given free to Time Warner Cable customers. This limited edition magazine will have special perks such as free or special discounts on Warner Brothers records, books, and Pay Per View Movies. "The Big Picture" will give all customers a chance to win "The Big Picture Tour" which is an all expense paid trip around the United States with stops in Los Angeles, Atlanta, and New York City, to visit other members of the Time Warner family. The Big Picture Tour will include the following: VIP Tour of WB Studios, Warner Bros. film premiere and dinner (L.A.), backstage pass to upcoming concert, VIP tour of CNN studios (Atlanta), Atlanta Braves game, $500 shopping spree at Warner Bros. store, HBO premiere, luggage set and travel accommodations.

On June 5th (South Coast Plaza) and June 6th (Del Amo Fashion Center) Time Warner cable customers and others living in the surrounding areas will be invited to show up to a special Time Warner day at participating Warner Bothers Studio stores to enjoy a Big Picture celebration. Customers will enjoy a big 20% discount on anything in the store. A number of Warner Bros. cartoon characters will be present too. Time Warner employees will be there to say "thank you" to customers in person. This family celebration is one way that Time Warner is showing their appreciation for their customers as well as to continue their support of education. Portions of those sales will go directly to the continuing support of "Cable in the Classroom" which will continue to expand this significant educational program with expanding programming and High Speed Internet access. Time Warner will have a live demonstration of their high-speed Internet service at the events.

For additional information on "The Big Picture" Promotion, contact Dave Robertson, SCDRG Inc. 949/476-5530;; Fax: 949/476-5531.

For additional information on the "Cable in the Classroom" program contact the Public Affairs Department at phone number, 202/775-3629 or visit their web page at
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Date:Jun 4, 1999
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