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A Little Speed Series That Will Spice Up Your Wing-T!

A little speed can make a big difference on those days when your Wing-T is struggling. Especially in areas where the Wing-T is so popular that it is having trouble fooling the defense with misdirection.

When we began experiencing difficulty moving the football with our base Delaware Wing-T, we had to look around for an answer -- and we found it in a speed series off motion.

Instead of having our left halfback getting depth in the backfield with three-step fly motion, we started sending him straight across the formation with jet motion. (Diag. 1). As shown in the accompanying plays, this slowed down overly aggressive defenses and helped add some punch to our running game.

We can run a lot of plays with jet motion. Diags. 2 to 6 show the five basic plays we run from our Red and Blue formations. Though we use the Delaware numbering system to indicate our holes, coaches can use the system that best fits their offense.

Diag. 2 illustrates our base speed play, Red 61 Jet Sweep. The LH goes in motion across the formation and the ball is snapped as he reaches the outside leg of the LG.

The QB quickly hands the ball to the LH, fakes our guard trap to the FB, then boots as if running a waggle.

The block rule up front is man on, though the playside guard may be pulled if you so desire. The play hits very quickly, giving the defense little time to react.

Diag. 3 illustrates the Red 64 Guard Trap. The motion remains the same. The only difference is that the LG pulls and traps the first down man past the center. It is important for everyone else to carry out their fakes (the blocks that were used in the Sweep).

Diag. 4 delineates base pass play Red 61 Speed Waggle. Everything is the same as the base Wing-T Waggle. It just takes place much faster.

The split end runs the post corner at 15-20 yards, while the tight end runs the drag at 10-12 yards, and the fullback runs the flat route at 5-7 yards. The QB can run or pass.

Diag.5 -- Red 64 Counter Trap -- allows us to attack the weak side. Run at the right time, it can be an effective weapon. The counter helps keep the defense honest on the weak side. Once again, everything looks the same at the start. We fake 61, with the FB filling for the pulling tackle and the RH reading the tackle's block as he cuts off the LH's tail. Everything happens quickly.

Diag. 6 -- Red 61 Reverse @ 9 -- is the last play we run in the base series. Once again we fake 61, then give to the RH coming across. The play has been a game-breaker for us on several occasions.

As you can see, the speed series builds on itself, in keeping with basic Wing-T philosophy. Many of these plays can be run to the weak-side with just a few adjustments (Diag. 7, Red 69-G).

The plays may also be run from an unbalanced line (Diag. 8, Blue Split 69).

The speed series has been a great complement to our base Wing-T attack. There is no limit to the number of plays that can be run with jet motion--a good thing to know on those nights when you are struggling.

A little speed makes all the difference.

We have proved it at Henderson H.S. Over the past three years, the varsity team has won two region 4-5A championships, made one state championship appearance, and went unbeaten, 10-0, during the regular season in 1999. The freshman team went 25-3 in this time, including a 9-0 record last fall.
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