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A Happy Life.

 Running running running
 My black and tan pup is chasing a rabbit.
 For a coonhound that's a habit.
 I called him back to hold him dear.
 Summertime is here.
 He running running running.

 Rolling rolling rolling
 My black and tan pup is rolling in the leaves.
 Rolling in the leaves with me.
 I named him Pete.
 Fall time is sweet.
 He's rolling rolling rolling.

 Growing growing growing
 My black and tan pup is growing.
 The sky is happily snowing.
 He's growing up my little hound pup.
 It's winter time he's growing up.
 He's growing growing growing.

 Dying dying dying
 My black and tan dog fought a deadly fight,
 Now he's dying of snake bite.
 The birds sing.
 In the middle of spring,
 He's dying dying dying.

 Flying flying flying
 My black and tan dog is flying.
 He's happy And no longer dying,
 high above the trees
 Heaven is his destiny.
 He's flying flying flying,

Dillon Roy Phillips Green Mountain, North Carolina
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Title Annotation:a poem by Dillon Roy Phillips
Publication:Children's Digest
Article Type:Brief Article
Geographic Code:1USA
Date:Jun 1, 2001
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