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A Happy Armscor Customer.

I just finished reading Dr. Will Dabbs' article on the Armscor M200 .38 Special (Out Of The Box: "Armscor M200," GUNS October 2017). I also have one of these, although mine has a 2-inch barrel instead of the 4-inch in the story. One time I managed to booger up the gun when I was trying to change grips (it was brand-new, no less!), and I sent the thing back to Armscor because I was just making it worse. Sure enough, this is one of those stories where their customer service went way above and beyond: They totally repaired the gun and sent it back to me looking perfect--and didn't charge me a nickel.

Their customer service, as well as the quality and value of their products, are the reasons why I own several more Armscor firearms. Great article by Dr. Dabbs, as usual!


Via GUNS Magazine

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Author:Mowzoon, Don
Publication:Shooting Industry
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Nov 1, 2017
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