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A Guide to the Food Safety Act 1990.


(UK: Law Laboratories Ltd).

Butterworth Law Publishers Ltd in conjunction with Law Laboratories Ltd have published this text. In a way it is an obvious arrangement because Tony Painter, Law-Labs director of food law services, also edits Butterworth's Law of Food and Drugs.

The Guide incorporates the text of the food Safety Act 1990 and an explanation of how the series of commencement orders will operate. Annotations in the guide concentrate on matters which are new or felt to be important to an understanding of this new Act.

Following an introduction, there are notes about the arrangement of the sections - really the Contents page in a conventional book. The four Parts are entitled: Preliminary, Main provisions, Administration and enforcement, and Miscellaneous and supplemental, together with a list of the various Schedules to the Act.

Reading this soft cover book ensures you fully understand the form of this new law. Mr Painter makes quite sure that the legal jargon is properly interpreted so that all can understand. As those who have had occasion to read them before will know, the law always seems to be couched in very special language. One almost believes that it is used to ensure less than full understanding. With this text, that does not happen as you are guided through the jargon.
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Publication:Food Trade Review
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Date:Dec 1, 1990
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