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A Guide to Mineral Localities in Bolivia.

Bolivia, a landlocked nation three times as large as Montana, has been producing great mineral wealth since pre-Incan times, and remarkable mineral specimens for the last century and a half. Over the years, inadequate documentation, inaccurate copying, and deliberate falsification have introduced much corruption into Bolivian specimen labels. We hope to reduce the confusion with this gazetteer.


Most people think of Bolivia as a land of great mountain ranges and high cold plains much resembling Tibet, but this description only fits the southwestern third of Bolivia. The two thirds of the country to the north and east are tropical lowlands, ranging from hilly to completely flat, and covered with swamps, prairies, thorn forests and Amazonian jungle. Geologically this vast area (roughly the size of Texas) is an extension of the Brazilian Shield, formed mainly of Precambrian granites and schists. Most of the Bolivian part of the Brazilian Shield is buried up to 3 kilometers deep by the sediment that has been washing down from the Andes Mountains ever since they rose in late Cretaceous times. This "Green Hell" thrills the hearts of biologists but is depressingly barren for the mineral collector. Luckily, Precambrian shield rocks are still exposed in the hilly areas of central and eastern Santa Cruz Department, and smaller areas of Beni and Pando Departments. Although these rocks have been far less explore d than their counterparts across the border in Brazil, interesting mineral deposits have been discovered here over the last fifty years, including numerous pegmatite districts with beryl and tantalum minerals, several amethyst deposits (including the unique La Gaiba "ametrine" district), and the world's largest carbonatite outcrop, Cerro Manomo. The northeastern two thirds of Bolivia contains the fastest growing regions; industrial development will surely unearth new and more diverse mineral deposits.

The highland part of Bolivia is much better known to mineral collectors, because of the abundance and variety of antimony, bismuth, silver, tin and tungsten minerals. The Andean Cordillera runs 8,000 kilometers from Venezuela to Tierra del Fuego along the entire western side of South America, but reaches its widest development in Bolivia, where it splits into two parallel mountain chains: the Cordillera Occidental (Western Andes), forming the border between Bolivia and Chile, and the Cordillera Oriental (Eastern Andes), The Cordillera are separated by the Altiplano, the high plains (3,600 to 4,500 meters above sea level) covered by Ilama grazing lands, lakes, and salt flats, including the Salar de Uyuni which, at 12,000 square kilometers, is the largest salt flat in the world. The famous Bolivian "tin belt" runs down the western flanks of the Eastern Andes and in "island" mountains in the Altiplano, from southern Peru to northern Argentina.

The Eastern Andes are composed mainly of a monotonous series of Paleozoic and Cretaceous sediments. About the latitude of Cochabamba (17[degrees]S) there is a bend in the Andes; north of the bend the Andes run northwest-southeast, but south of the bend they run north-south. This bend is called "el codo (the elbow) de los Andes," and there are interesting differences in the mineral deposits north and south of this "elbow." To the north, in La Paz Department, there are large granitic batholiths intruding the Paleozoic sediments. The many tin, tungsten and bismuth deposits here are mainly associated with the batholiths and the hornfels and slate aureoles around them. There are no significant silver deposits. South of the "elbow" there are few batholiths, and most of the minerals are found in Tertiary subvolcanic deposits (i.e. formed under extinct volcanos) which, in addition to holding the tin, tungsten and bismuth, also hold large quantities of silver minerals. The most famous of these subvolcanic deposits are Oruro, Potosi, Llallagua, and Colquechaca, but there are 40 of them altogether. Some Sn-Ag and Bi-W deposits, such as Colquiri, Huanuni, Poopo and Tazna, have mineralogies remarkably similar to those of the subvolcanic ores even though they are not associated with volcanoes. A great diversity of antimony sulfosalt species (and to a lesser extent Bi- and Ge-sulfosalts) is characteristic of the ores south of the "elbow," whereas arsenic sulfosalts are almost nonexistent. North of the "elbow" one Finds more enargite and other arsenic sulfosalts; these deposits resemble the polymetallic orebodies of Peru.

Apart from the complex Sn-Ag-Bi-W ores of the "tin belt," the Eastern Andes also holds hundreds of gold and stibnite veins in quartz gangue. And there are literally thousands of galena-sphaleritechalcopyrite veins in siderite and barite gangue. The mineralogy in these mesothermal siderite-barite veins tends to be simple and holds little of collector interest. Notable exceptions are the two unique selenide veins of Pacajake and El Dragon.

In the Altiplano, west of the tin belt, is a parallel belt of copper deposits. Secondary minerals are not well-developed in these copper mines. The most famous collector-interest specimens here are the copper pseudomorphs after aragonite from Corocoro.

Unlike in Arizona or Tsumeb, colorful secondary oxide-zone minerals are generally only poorly developed in Bolivia, with very few such species being of collector interest. Since colorful phosphates are characteristic of many oxide zones worldwide, it has been falsely assumed that the beautiful Bolivian phosphates like phosphophyllite, vivianite, ludlamite and vauxite are oxide zone minerals. In reality they are always associated here with fresh unweathered sulfides in the deepest levels of Sn-Ag mines, hydrothermally deposited, far from any oxide zone. The excellent valentinite crystals found at several Bolivian mines, and even the Lomitas mimetite and austinite, are hydrothermal rather than secondary oxides!

The host rock for hydrothermal ores in Bolivia is almost always volcanic rock, sandstone or shale. Carbonate-hosted ores (as in Tsumeb, Laurion, Mississippi Valley Type, etc.) are insignificant in Bolivia, and calcite is rare in the gangue. Without the neutralizing action of calcite and dolomite, weathering of sulfides produces extremely acidic solutions, carrying metal ions out of the oxide zone. This may explain the paucity of well-crystallized secondary minerals in the Bolivian Andes.

The Western Andes are much younger than the Eastern Andes, being formed of Tertiary, Pleistocene and Recent volcanic rocks rather than sediments. (The Altiplano formed after the Western Andes grew, cutting off sediment transport westwards to the Pacific, leading to deep accumulation of sediments in the closed basin between the two Andean chains.) The Western Andes have numerous large deposits of native sulfur with other fumarolic minerals. There are also several mining districts with Cu-Ag-Au ores in veins and disseminated in altered volcanic rocks. Finally, the salt pans in the Altiplano at the foot of the Western Andes hold the world's largest supply of evaporite minerals, including ulexite and lithium-rich brines.


Bolivia historically has been divided into nine departments, which were in turn divided into 112 provinces, 294 sections, and 1408 cantons. Recently the nation has been redivided into municipalities that roughly follow the old section lines. This division has been too recent to appear on mineral labels or references, or on maps available in U.S. libraries. The sections and cantons as such play no part in the following table, and only 52 of the provinces in 7 departments figure here. The department names are unambiguous, but not so the province names; there are four Cercados, two Saavedras, and a Carangas, Nor Carangas, and Sud Carangas (lest the American reader take umbrage with these complexities, note that there are thirty Washington Counties in the U.S.). Because some provinces have been subdivided, it is possible that specimens from the same mine may be reported as from two different provinces; the province given here is the current one.

We have encountered labels that have quoted compound names differently (usually due to English speakers' unfamiliarity with the Spanish patronymic) such as Dalence, Pantaleon Dalence (also correct), Pantaleon Dalence Jimenez (also correct), and Jimenez (incorrect). For this reason those compound provincial names that might cause confusion (especially with an alphabetic lookup) are listed below with the accepted form that we use in bold.

Readers will occasionally encounter labels with the name of a vein ("veta"); these may or may not be identified as such, and they may or may not have the name of the associated mine or district. We provide the following list to make the needed association, with the caution that popular names like San Jose and Salvadora may apply to several different veins and several mines, all quite independent.

There are many Bolivian mines with the same name; this is especially true for Saints' names. We distinguish them by appending a numerical suffix: San Felipe 1, San Felipe 2, etc.

In the following table, mineral species are ascribed to mines, and to larger entities such as towns, cities, and districts. If a mineral, such as alunite, is ascribed to a mine, such as the San Jose at Oruro, it is not automatically ascribed to the larger entity (Oruro). The minerals ascribed to the larger entity are from labels that did not specify a mine name--as is often the case, unfortunately. If the species on your label is not on the list for the larger entity, check the mine names following "See...."

If you cannot find your locality in the following table, add or delete el, la, or los. A mountain might be under its proper name, or it might have Cerro, Nevada, or Volcan preceding it. Delete Mina which means mine. Watch out for letter slippages: i for y, s for z, k for c, or h for g.

We have encountered "Bolivian" specimens that were collected before the locality was annexed by a neighboring country. Between 1868 and 1938, Bolivia was reduced by over a million square kilometers in cessions to Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Peru; as far as we can tell, significant mineral localities occur only in the losses to Chile (e.g. Caracoles), and Argentina (e.g. Pululus). We have not included these localities in our table. Well after the loss of the Atacama desert to Chile in the War of the Pacific (1879-1884), the Chuquicamata mine was developed; what might this mine have done for the Bolivian economy?

The distances provided are only approximate; some were estimated from maps that are known to have mis-located towns by as much as 10 minutes of are (approximately 18 kin).


Approximately 4,525 Bolivian specimen records were examined, from seven major repositories of Bolivian minerals. As was expected, many errors were encountered; there were even obvious cases of deliberate misidentification of the locality. We also had access to several thousand entries in the Herzenberg and Ahlfeld collection catalogs. We cannot, of course, guarantee anything like absolute accuracy for our compilation, but we did require that the match of specimen-to-locality meet at least a plausibility standard. Much use was made of the acronym BIKONRISNOT: "But I know of no reason it should not occur there"; when a locality known to have bismuth also has bismite ascribed to it, bikonrisnot is about all one can say. On the other hand, "proustite" is most implausible as a constituent of an Oruro vein system; with no further confirmation, such an attribution would be discarded.

The following publications on Bolivia were consulted frequently:

AHLFELD, F., and Schneider-Scherbina, A. (1964) Los Yacimientos Minerales y de Hidrocarburos de Bolivia. Ministerio de Minas y Petroleo, La Paz.

AHLFELD, F., and MUNOZ REYBS, J. (1955) Las Especies Minerales de Bolivia. Banco Minero de Bolivia, La Paz.

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RIVAS, S., and AHLFELD, E (1998) Los Minerales de Bolivia y sus Parajes. 2 volumes, Santa Cruz. (This is basically a rehash of Ahlfeld 1955 with some newer localities added.)

USGS (1992) Geology and mineral resources of the Altiplano and Cordillera Occidental, Bolivia, U.S. Geological Survey Bulletin 1975.


The contributions of the following curatorial staff made this gazetteer possible: Paul Pohwat, United States National Museum (Smithsonian Institution); Joe Peters, American Museum of Natural History; Carl Francis, Harvard University; Alan Hart, Natural History Museum, London; Anthony Kampf, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County; and Juliet Reed, Vaux Collection, Bryn Mawr University. The on-line mineral databases of the Peabody Museum (Yale University) and the University of Arizona Mineral Museum were also very useful.

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Department  Provinces

Cochabamba  Marciso Campero Leyes
La Paz      Jose Ramon de Loayza
            Pedro Domingo Murillo
            Jose Manuel Pando Solares
            Juan Bautista Saavedra Mallea
Oruro       Eduardo Avaroa; but some times called
            Pantaleon Dalence Jimenez
            Puerto de Mejillones
Potosi      Rafael Bustillo
            Daniel Campos Cortez
            Tomas Frias Ametller; but sometimes called
            Jose Alonso de Ibanez
            Jose Maria Linares Lizarazu
            Modesto Omiste
            Antonio Quijarro Quevado
            Cornelio de Saavedra
Santa Cruz  German Busch Becerra
            Nuflo de Chavez
            Angel Sandoval
            Jose Maria del Velasco Franco
Vein                 Mine

Bismarck             Siglo XX
Blanca               Siglo XX
Bronce               Oruro town
Colorada             Chocaya
Contacto             Siglo XX
Coro                 Siglo XX
Cotamitas            Cerro Rico
Crucero              Morococala
Embudo               Colquechaca
Exaltacion           Pazna district
Farellon             Tazna
Ferrier              Chacaltaya
Francke              Chorolque
Gallofa              Colquechaca
Gabriel              Tazna
Grande               La Colorada
Inca                 Colquiri
Irruputuncu          Porco
Krause               Cerro Rico
La Vieja             Animas
Lisi                 Tazna
Negra                Laurani
Pie de Gallo         Porco
Plata                Siglo XX
Plomo                Chacaltaya
Purisima             Oruro town
Recorte Grande       Chacaltaya
Reggis               Siglo XX
Rosario ("Section")  Aceromarca
Salvadora            Siglo XX
San Carlos           Chalcaltaya
San Jose             Siglo XX
San Juan             Animas
San Luis             Oruro town
San Pedro            Siglo XX
Serrano              Siglo XX
Tajopolo             Siglo XX
Verde                San Jose Mine, Oruro
Bolivian Minerals and Localities

Location                             Loc. Type

Aceromarca                           Mine

Aguas Calientes                      Village

Aiquile                              Town

Alasca                               Mine

Alcacoya                             Mine

Aliada                               Mine

Alto Chapare                         District

Amayapampa                           Town

Amigos                               Mine

Amutara                              Mountain

Anahi                                Mine

Ancohuma                             Peak
(west side)                          6550 m

Ancoma                               Town

Ancoraimes                           Town

Andacaba                             Mine,

Andamarca                            City

Andina                               Mine

Animas                               Mine,

Animas-Chocaya                       Sub-district

Antequera (also                      Mine,
called El Salvador,                  village

Antofagasta                          Mine

Araca                                Town

Ascension                            Mine


Asiento de Araca                     town

Asunta                               Mine

Atocha                               Town,

Aullagas                             Ghost town

Avicaya                              Mine

Ayoreita                             Mine

Berenguela                           Mine

Berenguela                           Mine,

Bolivar 1                            Mine

Bolivar 2                            Mine

Bolivia                              Mine

Bolsa Negra                          Mine
aka Nevada

Cacachaca                            Village

Cachilaguna                          Dry lake

Calacalani                           Mine

Calama                               Town

Caluyo                               Town

Candelaria                           Mine

Canutillos                           Mine

Capa Circa,                          Mine
also Capacirca

Carabuco                             Mine

Caracoles                            Mine,

Caracollo                            Town

Caracota                             Mine

Carangas                             Mine

Carguaicollo;                        Town
also Carguaycollo,

Carmen Pampa                         Town
Carmen; also                         Mine

Cascabel                             Mine

Cataricagua                          Mine

Catavi                               Mill
                                     (See note #?)

Caxota                               Town

Cebadillas                           Mine

Cerillos                             Small Mountain

Cerro Bonete                         Mountain

Cerro Chunchu                        Mountain

Cerro Colorado                       Mountain

Cerro Grande                         Mine, District

Cerro Malmisa                        Mountain

Cerro Negro 1                        Mountain

Cerro Negro 2                        Mountain

Cerro Pozoconi                       Mine,

Cerro Rico (also:                    Mountain
Cerro de Potosi)

Cerro San Pedro                      Hill

Cerro Sapo                           Mountain

Cerro Ubina

Cerro  Vilacota                      Mountain

Chacaltaya                           Mountain
                                     (5400 M),

Chacarilla                           Town

Chajolpaya                           Village

Challahuilque                        Village
Challana                             River,

Challapata                           Town

Challviri                            Town

Chambillaya                          Mine

Chayanta                             Town

Chicote Chico                        Mountain

Chicote Grande                       Mountain

Chijmuni                             Village

Chilcani                             Mine

Chocaya                              Mine-town

Chocaya Grande                       Mine
                                     Mine, town

Chojnacota                           Mine

Choquecamata                         Town

Choquetanga                          Mine,

Chorolque                            Mountain

Chulchucani                          Deposit

Chuma                                Town

Chuquiuta                            Town

Churina                              Mine

Churquini                            Mine

Chusi                                Village

Cobrizos                             Mine

Coipasa                              Town

Colavi                               Mine,

Colquechaca                          City,

Colquiri                             Mine,

Comanche                             Town

Concordia, also                      Mine
called Santo

Condeauque,                          District
or Conde Auque

Consolidated                         Mine
(Correctly,  "The

Constancia                           Mine

Coricoya                             Mine

Coriviri                             Mine

Corocoro                             Mine,

Coroico                              City

Cotagaita                            Town,

Cristalmayu                          Creek

Cuprita                              Mine

David Mosiah                         Prospect

Don Diego                            Village

Dos Amigos                           Small mine

El Barco                             Mine
El Dragon                            Mine

El Salvador                          Mine

Empexa                               Slat flats

Esmoraca                             Town

Espiritu Santo                       Mine

Fabulosa                             Mine

Farellones                           Mine


Filadelfia                           Mine

Gran Chocaya                         Mine

Gruta de San Pedro


Gutierrez                            Mine

Hiaco                                Mine

Huallatani                           Mine

Hualpani                             Mine

Huanchaca                            Mine,
(another name for                    town
the Pulacayo Mine)

Huanuni                              Mine,

Huari                                Town

Huari Huari                          Town,

Huayna Potosi,                       Village
Village also
Huayna, Huaina

Huayoco                              Gully,

Hucumarini                           Mine
Ichucolla                            Mine

Illimani                             Mountain 6457 m

Inquisivi                            City

Iscaisca                             Mountain

Itos                                 Mine

Jachahuance                          Mine

Japo                                 Mine

Jocullani                            Mine

Juliana (also                        Mine
called Fenix)

Kami                                 Mountain,
                                     mining district

Kari-Kari                            Mountain range

Kentiyok                             Mine

Kesniri                              Mine

La Bella                             Mine

La Bomba                             Mine

La Colorada                          Mine

La Escosasa                          Mine

La Gaiba                             Village,

La Joya                              Mountain

La Paz                               City (capital)

La Ponderosa                         Mine

La Reforma                           Mine

La Salvadora 1                       Mine
(see Socavon)

La Salvadora 2                       Prospect

La Salvadora 3                       Mine

La Sorpresa                          Mine

La Union                             District

La Verde                             Mine

Laguna Cachi

Lapiani                              Mine

Laurani                              Mine

Lequepalca                           Canton

Lili                                 Quarry

Limbo                                Village

Lipez Huayco                         Mine

Llallagua                            Town

Llavisa                              Village

Lomitas                              "Little hill,"
                                     RR station

Luribay                              Town

Macha                                Town

Machacamarca                         Mine
(not the                             ghost town
Machacamarca in
Litoral Prov.,
Oruro Dept.)

Magarinas                            Mine

Maragua                              Town

(formerly San

Marcocoya                            Mine

Margarita                            Mine

Maria Francisca                      Mine

Maria Teresa                         Mine

Mariana                              Mine

Marta                                Mine

Matilde                              Mine

Mercedes                             Mine
del Illampu

Mesa de Plata                        Mine

Millipaya                            Village

Milluni                              Village

Milluri                              Mine

Miraflores                           Neighborhood


Mizque                               City

Mochara                              Village


Mojo                                 Village,

Molinero                             Village

Molino                               Mine

Monserrat                            Mine

Moquegua                             Mine

Morococala                           Mine

Moscari                              Town


Mosojllacta                          Mine

Mururata 1                           Village

Mururata 2                           Mountain, district
(District includes
Mururata 1)

Mutun                                Mountain

Napa                                 District

Negra                                Mine

Negro Pabellon                       Mine
(Also called Japo)

Nueva Venecia                        Ranch

Nueva Virginia                       Mine

Obrajes                              Hot springs

Ocuri                                Town

Oploca 1                             Mine

Oploca 2                             Village

Orco Cuchillo                        Mine

Orlandini (mine                      Mine
owner's name)

Oruro                                Town, Department

Pacajake (or                         Mine
better: Mine
Virgen de
Surumi, in
Pacajake Canyon)

Pacopampa                            Mine

Pacuani                              Mountain

Pacuni Chico                         Mine

Pailaviri                            Mine

Palca                                Mine

Pallaya                              Mine

Pampa Grande                         District

Paragui                              Mine

Patacamaya                           Town

Pazna                                Town,

Perez                                Mine

Pirpintuyok                          Mine
(also known as

Poconota                             Mine

Polo Sur                             Mine

Pongo                                Village

Poopo                                District,

Porco                                Mine,

Porvenir 1                           Mine

Porvenir 2, also                     Mine
Socavon Porvenir

Porvenir 3

Posokoni                             Mountain

Potosi                               City,

Pucara                               Mine

Pucro                                Mine

Pueblo Viejo                         Mine

Puerto Suarez                        Town

Pulacayo (also                       Mine
called Huanchaca

Quechisla                            Town,

Quetena Grande                       Town

Quiabaya                             Village

Quime                                Town

Quimsacoya                           Mine

Quioma, also                         Mine

Ramiro                               Mine

Recompensa                           Mine

Remedios                             Mine

Rincon del Tigre                     Village

Rosario 1                            Mine
Socavon Rosario)

Rosario 2                            Mine

Rosario 3                            Mine

Rosario 4                            Mine

Rosita                               Mine

Sabaya                               Town,

Sacaba                               City

Salar de Empexa


Salvadora 1                          Mine

Salvadora 2                          Mountain,

San Agustin 1                        Mine

San Agustin 2                        Mine,

San Antonio 1                        Mine
(full name:
San Antonio de

San Antonio 2                        Mine

San Antonio 3                        Mine

San Antonio                          Town
de Lipez

San Baldomero

San Carlos 1                         Mine

San Carlos 2                         "Mine"

San Cristobal                        Town,

San Felipe                           Mine

San Francisco 1                      Mine
San Francisco 2                      Mine
San Francisco 3                      Mine

San Javier                           Town

San Jose                             Mine

San Jose de Culini                   Mine

San Luis 1 (also                     Mine
known as known as
Mary Mary: Heil
Hitler; and Kairiri)

San Luis 2                           Mine

San Miguel 1                         Town

San Miguel 2                         Mine

San Miguel 3                         Mine

San Pablo de

San Pablo                            Abandoned
de Napa                              village

San Pedro                            Village

San Pedro de                         Town
Buena Vista

San Ramon                            Town,

San Simon

San Vicente                          Mine,

Santa Ana                            Town

Santa Barabara                       Mine

Santa Cruz 1                         Mine

Santa Cruz 2                         Mine

Santa Fe                             Mine,

Santa Isabel                         Mine

Santa Maria                          Mine
Santa Marta                          Mine

Santa Rosa                           Mine

Santiago                             Mine

Santiaguillo                         Gully,

Santo Cristo                         Mine

Sayari                               Mountain

Serrania San                         Hills

Sica Sica                            Town

Siete Suyos                          Mine

Siglo Veinte                         Mine
or XX

Sijsihua                             Village

Socavon (also                        Mine
called La
Salvadora 1)

Socavon Carmen                       Adit

Socavon Rosario

Soracaya                             Mine

Sorata                               Town,

Sucre                                Mine

Tacora                               Mountain

Tamacaya                             Mine

Taminani                             Elluvial

Tanapaca (also                       Mine
called Mocoya)

Tapacari                             Town

Tapi                                 Mine

Tarabuco                             Town,

Tarapaya                             Village,
                                     hot springs

Tarumita                             Mita

Tatasi                               Mine

Tazna; also Tasna                    Mine,

Terremoto                            Mine
(or Pepito)

Tetilla                              Mine

Tihua                                Mining

Tipuani                              Town, river

Titina                               Mine

Tolapalca (also Thola                Mine

Tornohuaico                          Mine

Toro Toro                            Town

Toropalca                            Town

Totoral                              Mine

Tras Cuarenta                        Mine

Tricolore                            Mine

Trinacria                            Mine

Tupiza                               City

Turco                                Town

Ubina                                Canton,

Uncia                                City

Unificada                            Mine

Urania                               Mine

Uturuncu                             Volcano
                                     and hot
                                     springs area

Valle Zongo                          Valley
(see Zongo)

Venus                                Vein system

Vetillas                             Mine

Viboras                              Mine

Vichacla                             Village

Vicunita                             Prospect

Vila Apacheta                        Mine

Vilaque                              River

Villa Tunari                         Town

Viloco (Interchangeable with Araca)  Mine

Virgen de Surumi (preferred          Mine
name for Pacajake Mine)

Volcano                              Mine

Yaco                                 Town

Yanacachi                            Town,
                                     sub-district of Murumata
                                     2 district

Yani                                 Town

Yarvicoya                            Mine

Yura                                 Town,

Zongo: at least 30 mines here,       Valley
including Fabulosa

                                       * = Type Locality

Location                             L/L


Aguas Calientes





Alto Chapare

Amayapampa                           18[degrees]29'




Ancohuma                             15[degrees]50'
(west side)                          68[degrees]35'

Ancoma                               19[degrees]07'

Ancoraimes                           15[degrees]54'


Andamarca                            18[degrees]46'


Animas                               20[degrees]57'


Antequera (also                      18[degrees]28'
called El Salvador,                  66[degrees]50'





Asiento de Araca


Atocha                               20[degrees]56'


Avicaya                              18[degrees]50'



Berenguela                           17[degrees]17'

Bolivar 1                            21[degrees]48'

Bolivar 2


Bolsa Negra
aka Nevada


Cachilaguna                          21[degrees]44'


Calama                               18[degrees]44'

Caluyo                               16[degrees]49'



Capa Circa,
also Capacirca


Caracoles                            16[degrees]59'

Caracollo                            17[degrees]39'


Carangas                             18[degrees]56'

Carguaicollo;                        19[degrees]31'
also Carguaycollo,                   66[degrees]40'

Carmen Pampa
Carmen; also




Caxota                               17[degrees]07'



Cerro Bonete

Cerro Chunchu

Cerro Colorado

Cerro Grande

Cerro Malmisa

Cerro Negro 1

Cerro Negro 2

Cerro Pozoconi

Cerro Rico (also:
Cerro de Potosi)

Cerro San Pedro

Cerro Sapo

Cerro Ubina

Cerro  Vilacota


Chacarilla                           17[degrees]50'



Challapata                           18[degrees]54'



Chayanta                             18[degrees]27'

Chicote Chico

Chicote Grande

Chijmuni                             17[degrees]20'



Chocaya Grande


Choquecamata                         16[degrees]55'


Chorolque                            20[degrees]55'


Chuma                                15[degrees]30'

Chuquiuta                            18[degrees]33'




Cobrizos                             20[degrees]60'
Coipasa                              19[degrees]17'

Colavi                               19[degrees]21'

Colquechaca                          18[degrees]42'

Colquiri                             17[degrees]25'

Comanche                             17[degrees]01'

Concordia, also
called Santo

or Conde Auque

(Correctly,  "The




Corocoro                             17[degrees]12'

Coroico                              16[degrees]11'

Cotagaita                            20[degrees]50'



David Mosiah

Don Diego

Dos Amigos

El Barco
El Dragon

El Salvador

Empexa                               20[degrees]20'

Esmoraca                             21[degrees]42'

Espiritu Santo





Gran Chocaya

Gruta de San Pedro






Huanchaca                            20[degrees]21'
(another name for                    66[degrees]39'
the Pulacayo Mine)

Huanuni                              18[degrees]17'

Huari                                18[degrees]46'

Huari Huari                          19[degrees]25'

Huayna Potosi,                       16[degrees]16'
Village also                         68[degrees]11'
Huayna, Huaina



Illimani                             16[degrees]39'

Inquisivi                            16[degrees]41'






Juliana (also
called Fenix)

Kami                                 17[degrees]22'

Kari-Kari                            19[degrees]40'



La Bella

La Bomba

La Colorada

La Escosasa

La Gaiba                             17[degrees]45'

La Joya                              17[degrees]46'

La Paz                               16[degrees]30'

La Ponderosa

La Reforma

La Salvadora 1
(see Socavon)

La Salvadora 2

La Salvadora 3

La Sorpresa

La Union

La Verde

Laguna Cachi


Laurani                              17[degrees]23'

Lequepalca                           17[degrees]38'



Lipez Huayco

Llallagua                            18[degrees]25'


Lomitas                              17[degrees]24'

Luribay                              17[degrees]14'

Macha                                18[degrees]49'

Machacamarca                         19[degrees]24'
(not the                             65[degrees]33'
Machacamarca in
Litoral Prov.,
Oruro Dept.)


Maragua                              18[degrees]56'

(formerly San



Maria Francisca

Maria Teresa




del Illampu

Mesa de Plata





Miriquiri                            16[degrees]58'

Mizque                               17[degrees]56'



Mojo                                 21[degrees]54'

Molinero                             18[degrees]15'




Morococala                           18[degrees]10'

Moscari                              18[degrees]19'



Mururata 1                           16[degrees]07'
Mururata 2                           16[degrees]30'
(District includes                   67[degrees]50'
Mururata 1)



Negra                                21[degrees]02'

Negro Pabellon                       15[degrees]00'
(Also called Japo)                   66[degrees]58'

Nueva Venecia

Nueva Virginia


Ocuri                                18[degrees]50'

Oploca 1

Oploca 2

Orco Cuchillo

Orlandini (mine
owner's name)

Oruro                                17[degrees]59'

Pacajake (or
better: Mine
Virgen de
Surumi, in
Pacajake Canyon)



Pacuni Chico




Pampa Grande


Patacamaya                           17[degrees]14'

Pazna                                18[degrees]36'


(also known as


Polo Sur


Poopo                                18[degrees]22'

Porco                                19[degrees]50'

Porvenir 1                           17[degrees]08'

Porvenir 2, also
Socavon Porvenir

Porvenir 3


Potosi                               19[degrees]35'



Pueblo Viejo

Puerto Suarez                        18[degrees]56

Pulacayo (also
called Huanchaca

Quechisla                            20[degrees]54'

Quetena Grande                       22[degrees]18'

Quiabaya                             15[degrees]37'



Quioma, also




Rincon del Tigre

Rosario 1
Socavon Rosario)

Rosario 2

Rosario 3                            18[degrees]23'

Rosario 4


Sabaya                               19[degrees]00'

Sacaba                               17[degrees]23'

Salar de Empexa


Salvadora 1

Salvadora 2

San Agustin 1

San Agustin 2

San Antonio 1
(full name:
San Antonio de

San Antonio 2

San Antonio 3

San Antonio                          21[degrees]47'
de Lipez                             66[degrees]48'

San Baldomero

San Carlos 1

San Carlos 2

San Cristobal                        21[degrees]07'

San Felipe

San Francisco 1
San Francisco 2
San Francisco 3

San Javier                           16[degrees]20'

San Jose

San Jose de Culini

San Luis 1 (also                     17[degrees]16'
known as known as                    69[degrees]13'
Mary Mary: Heil
Hitler; and Kairiri)

San Luis 2

San Miguel 1

San Miguel 2

San Miguel 3                         18[degrees]02'

San Pablo de

San Pablo                            20[degrees]29'
de Napa                              68[degrees]39'

San Pedro

San Pedro de                         18[degrees]13'
Buena Vista                          65[degrees]39'

San Ramon

San Simon

San Vicente                          20[degrees]15'

Santa Ana                            16[degrees]37'

Santa Barabara

Santa Cruz 1

Santa Cruz 2

Santa Fe

Santa Isabel

Santa Maria
Santa Marta

Santa Rosa



Santo Cristo


Serrania San                         13[degrees]35'
Simon                                62[degrees]44'

Sica Sica                            17[degrees]22'

Siete Suyos

Siglo Veinte
or XX

Sijsihua                             20[degrees]07'

Socavon (also
called La
Salvadora 1)

Socavon Carmen

Socavon Rosario


Sorata                               15[degrees]47'





Tanapaca (also
called Mocoya)

Tapacari                             17[degrees]31'



Tarapaya                             19[degrees]28'



Tazna; also Tasna                    20[degrees]37'

(or Pepito)





Tolapalca (also Thola


Toro Toro                            18[degrees]07'

Toropalca                            20[degrees]21'


Tras Cuarenta



Tupiza                               21[degrees]24'

Turco                                18[degrees]10'

Ubina                                20[degrees]29'

Uncia                                18[degrees]28'



Uturuncu                             22[degrees]13'

Valle Zongo
(see Zongo)




Vichacla                             20[degrees]38'


Vila Apacheta                        19[degrees]55'


Villa Tunari

Viloco (Interchangeable with Araca)  16[degrees]53'

Virgen de Surumi (preferred
name for Pacajake Mine)


Yaco                                 17[degrees]09'

Yanacachi                            16[degrees]23'

Yani                                 15[degrees]36'

Yarvicoya                            17[degrees]37'

Yura                                 20[degrees]04'

Zongo: at least 30 mines here,
including Fabulosa

                                               * = Type Locality

Location                             Higher Order

Aceromarca                           Mururata 2 District, Sud Yungas
                                     Prov., La Paz Dept., E slopes
                                     Taquesi batholith
Aguas Calientes                      Arque Prov., Cochabamba
                                     Dept., on the RR

Aiquile                              135 km SE of Cochabamba, Campero
                                     Prov., Cochabamba Dept.

Alasca                               2 km from Pongo

Alcacoya                             San Vicente

Aliada                               Colquechaca

Alto Chapare                         Chapare Prov., Cochabamba Dept.,
                                     ~30 km W of Villa Tunari

Amayapampa                           Bustillo Prov., Potosi Dept., 40
                                     km SE of Uncia, near Chayanta

Amigos                               Sud Lipez Prov., Potosi Dept.

Amutara                              Inquisivi Prov, La Paz Dept., 30
                                     km NW of Chicote

Anahi                                Near La Gaiba

Ancohuma                             Primary peak of Illampu massif,
(west side)                          Larecaja Prov., La Paz Dept.

Ancoma                               Larecaja Prov., La Paz Dept., 20
                                     km NE of Sorata

Ancoraimes                           Omasuyos Prov., La Paz Dept.,
                                     113 km NW of La Paz, on shores
                                     of Lake Titicaca

Andacaba                             30 km SSE of Cerro Rico, in
                                     Kari-Kari range, Linares Prov.,
                                     Potosi Dept.

Andamarca                            Sud Carangas Prov., Oruro
                                     Dept., 105 km SW of Oruro

Andina                               Mururata 2 district

Animas                               Animas-Chocaya sub-district

Animas-Chocaya                       Part of Atocha-Quechisla

Antequera (also                      Pazna Dist., 13 Km SSE
called El Salvador,                  of Poopo, Poopo Prov.,
Bolivar)                             Oruro Dept.

Antofagasta                          Oruro Dist.


Ascension                            Condeauque district


Asiento de Araca                     8 km WNW of Viloco

Asunta                               4 km NE of San Vicente

Atocha                               Sud Chichas Prov., Potosi
                                     Dept. 80 km SE of Uyuni

Aullagas                             On Colquechaca Mountain

Avicaya                              Pazna Dist., Poopo
                                     Prov., Oruro Dept.,
                                     10 km NNE of Pazna

Ayoreita                             La Gaiba District

Berenguela                           Cerro Grande district

Berenguela                           Pando Prov., La Paz
                                     Dept. 22 km SE of
                                     Santiago de Machaca

Bolivar 1                            S flank Cerro Bonete,
                                     E. Sud Lipez Prov.,
                                     Potosi Dept.

Bolivar 2                            Pazna Dist

Bolivia                              5 km east of Poopo

Bolsa Negra                          Yanacachi sub-district
aka Nevada

Cacachaca                            Avaroa Prov., Oruro
                                     Dept., ENE of Challapata

Cachilaguna                          On the border of Nor
                                     Lipez and Sud Lipez
                                     Provs., Potosi Dept.

Calama                               Sud Carangas Prov.,
                                     Oruro Dept., 13 km WNW
                                     of Andamarca

Caluyo                               Inquisivi Prov.,
                                     La Paz Dept., 48 km
                                     SSE of Inquisivi

Candelaria                           7 km S of Poopo town

Canutillos                           Colavi

Capa Circa,                          Bustillo Prov., Potosi
also Capacirca                       Dept., 24 km SE of Uncia

Carabuco                             Choquetanga district

Caracoles                            Inquisivi Prov.,
                                     La Paz Dept., 15 km
                                     W of Inquisivi

Caracollo                            Carcado Prov., Oruro
                                     Dept., 39 km NW of Oruro

Caracota                             Quijarro Prov., Potosi
                                     Dept., 25 km ESE of Yura

Carangas                             Mejillones Prov., Oruro
                                     Dept., 29 km ESE of Sabaya

Carguaicollo;                        Quijarro Prov.,
also Carguaycollo,                   Potosi Dept.,
Carhuaycollo                         80 km S of Huanchaca

Carmen Pampa                         15 km S of Coroico
Carmen; also                         La Union district

Cascabel                             Quiabaya

Cataricagua                          E slopes of Mt. Pozoconi;
                                     next to Huanuni Mine

Catavi                               Bustillo Prov., Potosi Dept.,
                                     3 km NE of Yaco

Caxota                               Loayza Prov., La Paz Dept.,
                                     10 km NE of Yaco

Cebadillas                           Near Chuquiuta

Cerillos                             near Carguaicollo

Cerro Bonete                         Sud Lipez Prov., Potosi
                                     Dept., 20 km N of Esmoraca

Cerro Chunchu                        near Antequera

Cerro Colorado                       Cotagaita

Cerro Grande                         Arque Prov., Cochabamba Dept.,
                                     60 km Sw of Cochabamba

Cerro Malmisa                        Maragua

Cerro Negro 1                        Sud Yungas Prov., La Paz
                                     Dept., 15 km SE of Illimani

Cerro Negro 2                        E of Vichacla

Cerro Pozoconi                       Huanuni

Cerro Rico (also:                    Potosi City
Cerro de Potosi)

Cerro San Pedro                      Oruro City

Cerro Sapo                           Ayopaya Prov., Cochuabamba
                                     Dept., 18 km N of

Cerro Ubina                          near Ubina

Cerro  Vilacota                      Charcas Prov., Potosi Dept.,
                                     between Acacio and San Pedro
                                     de Buena Vista

Chacaltaya                           Murillo Pro., La Paz Dept.,
                                     40 km N of La Paz

Chacarilla                           Villaroel Prov., La Paz Dept.,
                                     30 km NW of San Pedro
                                     de Curahuara

Chajolpaya                           Larecaja Prov., La Paz Dept.,
                                     15 km E of Mt. Illampu

Challahuilque                        Just N of San Cristobal
Challana                             Larecaja Prov., La Paz Dept.

Challapata                           Avarora Prov., Oruro Dept.
                                     113 km SSE of Oruro

Challviri                            Ibanez Prov., Potosi Dept.

Chambillaya                          Near Quime

Chayanta                             Bustillo Prov., Potosi Dept.,
                                     13 km E of Uncia

Chicote Chico                        Ayopaya Prov., Cochabamba
                                     Dept. 6 km N of Kami

Chicote Grande                       Inquisivi Prov., La Paz Dept.,
                                     8 km NW of Kami

Chijmuni                             Aroma Prov., La Paz Dept.,
                                     8 km W of Sica Sica

Chilcani                             50 km NNE of Oruro,
                                     Lequepalca Dist.

Chocaya                              Animas-Chocaya sub-district

Chocaya Grande                       Animas-Chocaya sub-district
                                     Yanacachi sub-dist., Alonso de
                                     Ibanez Prov., Potosf Dept.,
                                     16 km W of Caripuyo

Chojnacota                           Loayza Prov., La Paz Dept.

Choquecamata                         Ayopaya Prov., Cochabamba
                                     Dept., 13 km NE of Cocapata

Choquetanga                          Inquisivi Prov., La Paz Dept.,
                                     100 km SE of La Paz,
                                     20 km NW of Quime

Chorolque                            Atocha-Quechisla Dist.,
                                     Sud Chichas, Prov., Potosi Dept.,
                                     35 km E of Atocha

Chulchucani                          Frias Prov., Potosi Dept., 25 km
                                     NE of Potosi, near Huari Huari

Chuma                                Munecas Prov., La Paz Dept.,
                                     145 km NNW of La Paz

Chuquiuta                            Bustillo Prov., Potosi Dept.
                                     12 km SW of Amayapampa

Churina                              Macha

Churquini                            Pampa Grande

Chusi                                Tipuani

Cobrizos                             San Cristobal

Coipasa                              Atahuallpa Prov., Oruro Dept.,
                                     20 km S of Sabaya

Colavi                               Saavedra Prov., Potosi Dept.,
                                     36 km NE of Potosi

Colquechaca                          Chayanta Prov., Potosi Dept.,
                                     105 km NNW of Potosi

Colquiri                             Inquisivi Prov., La Paz Dept.,
                                     78 km N of oruro

Comanche                             Pacajes Prov., La Paz Dept.,
                                     10 km SW of Collana

Concordia, also                      ENE slopes of Nevada
called Santo                         Cunocallo, Cordillera Santa Vera
Domingo                              Cruz, Inquisivi Prov., La Paz Dept.

Condeauque,                          NE of Laquepalca
or Conde Auque

Consolidated                         Ancoma
(Correctly,  "The

Constancia                           Tazna

Coricoya                             near Molinero

Coriviri                             Poopo Prov., Oruro Dept., between
                                     Poopo and Machacamarca

Corocoro                             Pacajes Prov., La Paz Dept.,
                                     89 km SSW of La Paz

Coroico                              Nor Yungas Prov., La Paz Dept.
                                     55 km NE of La Paz

Cotagaita                            Nor Chichas Prov., Potosi Dept.,
                                     65 km N of Tupiza

Cristalmayu                          Between Filadelfia and San
                                     Franciso Mines, Alto Chapare Dist.

Cuprita                              Turco

David Mosiah                         Mt. Huanaquino, near El Molino
                                     village, 15 km NW of Potosi, Frais
                                     province, Potosi Dept.

Don Diego                            Border of Frais and Saavedra
                                     Provinces, Potosi Dept., 20 km NE
                                     of Potosi

Dos Amigos                           E slope of Cord. Santa Vera Cruz,
                                     Cercado Prov., Oruro Dept.

El Barco                             Yanacachi
El Dragon                            Quijarro Prov., Potosi Dept.,
                                     10 km E of Porco. Near
                                     Sala Kuchu

El Salvador                          Pazna District

Empexa                               Campos Prov., Potosi Dept.

Esmoraca                             Sud Chichas Prov., Potosi Dept.,
                                     40 km SE of San Pablo

Espiritu Santo                       Chorolque

Fabulosa                             E. flank Cord. Real, Larecaja
                                     Prov., La Paz Dept., 10 km
                                     upstream of Challani Village

Farellones                           Tazna


Filadelfia                           Alto Chapare District

Gran Chocaya                         Animas-Chocaya sub-district

Gruta de San Pedro


Gutierrez                            Porco

Hiaco                                Chayanta Prov., Potosi Dept.,
                                     20 km NNE of Colquechaca

Huallatani                           Huayna Potosi

Hualpani                             Chuma

Huanchaca                            Near Pulacayo, Quijaro Prov.,
(another name for                    Potosi Dept., 30 km NE of Uyuni
the Pulacayo Mine)

Huanuni                              Dalence Prov., Oruro Dept.,
                                     45 km SSE of Oruro

Huari                                Avaroa Prov., Oruro Dept.,
                                     121 km SSE of Oruro

Huari Huari                          25 km NE of Potosi, Frais Prov.,
                                     Potosi Dept.

Huayna Potosi,                       Los Andes Prov., La Paz Dept.
Village also
Huayna, Huaina

Huayoco                              Condor Iquina Plateau, 25 km
                                     SEE of Macha, 30 km SW of Ocuri

Hucumarini                           Sorata
Ichucolla                            Pazna Dist.

Illimani                             Murillo and Sud Yungas
                                     provinces, La Paz Dept.,
                                     45 km ESE of La Paz

Inquisivi                            Inquisivi Prov., La Paz
                                     Dept., 115 km ESE of La Paz

Iscaisca                             Nor Chichas Prov., Potosi
                                     Dept., 28 km N of Tupiza

Itos                                 Oruro City

Jachahuance                          Choquetanga District


Jocullani                            Berenguela District

Juliana (also                        Cercado Prov., Oruro Dept.,
called Fenix)                        on Cochabamba border

Kami                                 SW Ayopaya Prov.,
                                     Cochabamba Dept.

Kari-Kari                            E and SE of city of Potosi,
                                     mostly in Frias Prov.

Kentiyok                             2 km N of Mt. Iscaisca

Kesniri                              Between Toro Toro and San Pedro
                                     de Buena Vista, Charcas Prov.,
                                     Potosi Dept.

La Bella                             San Ramon District,
                                     40 km E of San Ramon

La Bomba                             2 km NW of Juliana Mine

La Colorada                          Oruro city

La Escosasa                          Patacamaya

La Gaiba                             On Brazilian/Bolivian border,
                                     130 km N of Puerto Suarez,
                                     Sandoval Prov., Santa Cruz Dept.

La Joya                              Cercado Prov., Oruro Dept.,
                                     48 km NW of Oruro

La Paz                               Murillo Prov.

La Ponderosa                         Turco

La Reforma                           Chorolque

La Salvadora 1                       Oruro City
(see Socavon)

La Salvadora 2                       Aguas Calientes

La Salvadora 3                       Sud Yungas Prov., La Paz Dept.,
                                     ~40 km E of La Paz, E flank of
                                     Taquesi batholith
La Sorpresa                          10 km S of Tapacari

La Union                             Los Andes Prov., La Paz Dept.,
                                     W of Milluni

La Verde                             5 km NW of San Augustin 2,
                                     35 km E of San Ramon

Laguna Cachi

Lapiani                              Chicote Grande

Laurani                              Sica Sica

Lequepalca                           Cercado Prov., Oruro Dept.,
                                     30 km E of Caracollo

Lili                                 Chijmuni

Limbo                                Alto Chapare district

Lipez Huayco                         Ocuri

Llallagua                            Bustillo Prov., Potosi Dept.,
                                     5 km NNW of Uncia

Llavisa                              16 km SW of Ocuri, Chayanta
                                     Prov., Potosi Dept.

Lomitas                              Near Laurani Mine,
                                     10 km SW of Sica Sica

Luribay                              Loayza Prov., La Paz Dept.,
                                     90 km SE of La Paz

Macha                                Chayanta Prov., La Paz Dept.,
                                     16 km SSW of Colquechaca

Machacamarca                         Colavi District, Saavedra
(not the                             Prov., Potosi Dept.,
Machacamarca in                      30 km NE of Potosi
Litoral Prov.,
Oruro Dept.)

Magarinas                            Ancoraimes

Maragua                              Chayanta Prov., Potosi Dept.,
                                     8 km S of Ocuri

Marcamarcani                         Sorata District
(formerly San

Marcocoya                            Corocoro District

Margarita                            Quime

Maria Francisca                      Huanuni

Maria Teresa                         Huari

Mariana                              Tazna

Marta                                Ponga

Matilde                              12 km NE of Ancoraimes,
                                     Omasuyos Prov., La Paz Dept.

Mercedes                             Alto Chapare
del Illampu

Mesa de Plata                        San Antonio de Lipez

Millipaya                            10 km SE of Sorata,
                                     Larecaja Prov., La Paz Dept.

Milluni                              Los Andes Prov., La Paz Dept.
                                     20 km N of La Paz

Milluri                              Macha

Miraflores                           Of Huanuni town, which see

Miriquiri                            near Comanche

Mizque                               Mizque Prov., Cochabamba Dept.,
                                     115 km SE of Cochabamba

Mochara                              24 km NE of Tupiza, Sud Chichas
                                     Prov., Potosi Dept.


Mojo                                 30 Km N of Villazon, Omiste
                                     Prov., Potosi Dept.

Molinero                             Mizque Prov., Cochabamba Dept.,
                                     50 km S of Mizue town


Monserrat                            Pazna District

Moquegua                             Ubina

Morococala                           Santa Fe Dist., Dalence Prov.,
                                     Oruro Dept. 40 km ESE of Oruro

Moscari                              Charcas Prov., Potosi Dept.,
                                     11 km SSW of San Pedro


Mosojllacta                          Colavi

Mururata 1                           Nor Yungas Prov., La Paz Dept.,
                                     20 km NW of Coroico
Mururata 2                           Sud Yungas Prov., La Paz Dept.,
(District includes                   31 km ESE of La Paz
Mururata 1)

Mutun                                30 km SSW of Puerto Suarez,
                                     Busch Prov., Santa Cruz Dept.

Napa                                 San Pablo de Napa

Negra                                Nor Lipez Prov., Potosi Dept.,
                                     8 km NNE of Cosca, Chile

Negro Pabellon                       Santa Fe District, Dalence
(Also called Japo)                   Prov., 30 km SE of Oruro

Nueva Venecia                        Nuflo de Chavez Prov., Santa Cruz

Nueva Virginia                       Colquechaca

Obrajes                              20 km NE of Oruro, Cercado
                                     Prov., Oruro Dept.

Ocuri                                Chayanta Prov., Potosi Dept.,
                                     26 km SE of Colquechaca

Oploca 1                             Animas-Chocaya sub-district,
                                     8 km NE of Chocaya

Oploca 2                             Sud Chichas Prov., Potosi
                                     Dept., 16 km NNW of Tupiza

Orco Cuchillo                        Huary Huari

Orlandini (mine                      Ubina
owner's name)

Oruro                                Cercado Prov.

Pacajake (or                         Chayanta Prov., Potosi Dept.,
better: Mine                         2 km E of Hiaco Mine;
Virgen de                            20 km NE of Colquechaca
Surumi, in
Pacajake Canyon)

Pacopampa                            Caluyo

Pacuani                              Aroma Prov., La Paz Dept.,
                                     20 km E of Patacamaya

Pacuni Chico                         Quime


Palca                                Illimani

Pallaya                              Yani

Pampa Grande                         Sud Chichas Prov., Potosi
                                     Dept., 35 km SE of Tupiza

Paragui                              30 km NW of Colquiri,
                                     Inquisivi Prov., La Paz Dept.
Patacamaya                           Aroma Prov., La Paz Dept.,
                                     80 km S of La Paz

Pazna                                Poopo Prov., Oruro Dept.,
                                     85 km SSE of Oruro

Perez                                Huanuni

Pirpintuyok                          Mochara
(also known as

Poconota                             Toropalca

Polo Sur                             Ancoma

Pongo                                Murillo Prov., La Paz Dept.

Poopo                                Poopo Prov., Oruro Dept.,
                                     48 km SSE of Oruro

Porco                                Quijarro Prov., Potosi Dept.,
                                     35 km SW of Potosi

Porvenir 1                           Huanuni

Porvenir 2, also                     Next to the Rosario 1 mine
Socavon Porvenir

Porvenir 3

Posokoni                             Huanuni

Potosi                               Bustillo Prov.

Pucara                               Corocoro District

Pucro                                Chayanta town

Pueblo Viejo                         Esmoraca

Puerto Suarez                        Busch Prov., Santa Cruz Dept.

Pulacayo (also                       Huanchaca
called Huanchaca

Quechisla                            Nor Chichas Prov., Potosi Dept.,
                                     64 km NNW of Tupiza

Quetena Grande                       Sud Lipez Prov., Potosi Dept.,
                                     97 km SW of San Pablo

Quiabaya                             Larecaja Prov., La Paz Dept.,
                                     NE of Chichulaya

Quime                                Inquisivi Prov., La Paz Dept.,
                                     10 km SSW of Inquisivi

Quimsacoya                           Huanuni Dist., Dalence Prov.,
                                     Oruro Dept.

Quioma, also                         40 km SSW of Mizque, Mizque
Asiento                              Prov., Cochabamba Dept.

Ramiro                               San Pedro De Buena Vista

Recompensa                           La Bella District

Remedios                             Corocoro

Rincon del Tigre                     Busch Prov., Santa Cruz Dept.,
                                     140 km NNW of Puerto Suarez

Rosario 1                            Asiento de Araca
Socavon Rosario)

Rosario 2                            W slopes of Cerro Bonete

Rosario 3                            Poopo town

Rosario 4                            Tazna

Rosita                               Cacachaca

Sabaya                               Atahuallpa Prov., Oruro Dept.,
                                     177 km SW of Oruro

Sacaba                               Chapare Prov., Cochabamba Dept.,
                                     13 Km E of Cochabamba

Salar de Empexa

Salo                                 20 km N of Tupiza

Salvadora 1                          Oruro City

Salvadora 2

San Agustin 1                        3 km N of Corocoro mine

San Agustin 2                        35 km ESE of San Ramon

San Antonio 1                        12 km S of Colquiri, Cercado
(full name:                          Prov., Oruro Dept.
San Antonio de

San Antonio 2                        3 km from Viloco

San Antonio 3                        Pongo

San Antonio                          30 km SW of San Pablo, Sud
de Lipez                             Lipez Prov., Potosi Dept.

San Baldomero                        Sorata District

San Carlos 1                         Chorolque

San Carlos 2                         Chacaltaya

San Cristobal                        Nor Lipez Prov., Potosi Dept.,
                                     90 km SSW of Uyuni

San Felipe                           Oruro city

San Francisco 1                      Alto Chapare district
San Francisco 2                      Corocoro District
San Francisco 3                      Poopo Dist.

San Javier                           Nufle de Chavez Prov.,
                                     Santa Cruz Dept., 60 km SW
                                     of Concepcion

San Jose                             Oruro City

San Jose de Culini                   Sud Yungas Prov., La Paz Dept.,
                                     7 km E of Chalacaltaya Mtn.

San Luis 1 (also                     Berenguela District
known as known as
Mary Mary: Heil
Hitler; and Kairiri)

San Luis 2                           Chulchucani.

San Miguel 1                         Velasco Prov., Santa Cruz Dept.,
                                     35 km S of San Ignacio de Velasco

San Miguel 2                         Chorolque

San Miguel 3                         Lequepalca

San Pablo de

San Pablo                            Campos Prov., Potosi Dept.,
de Napa                              170 km WSW of Uyuni

San Pedro                            10 km NW of Sorata

San Pedro de                         Chareas Prov., Potosi Dept.,
Buena Vista                          155 km N of Potosi

San Ramon                            Nulflo de Chavez Prov., Santa
                                     Cruz Dept., 80 km SW of Concepcion

San Simon

San Vicente                          Sud Chichas Prov., Potosi Dept.,
                                     40 km S of Atocha

Santa Ana                            Velasco Prov., Santa Cruz Dept.,
                                     35 km SE of San Ignacio de Velasco

Santa Barabara                       Andacaba Dist.

Santa Cruz 1                         Loayza Prov., La Paz Dept.,
                                     between Caxata and Yaco

Santa Cruz 2                         Poope town

Santa Fe                             Dalence Prov., Oruro Dept.,
                                     3 km from Morococala

Santa Isabel                         Condeauque

Santa Maria                          San Pedro de Buena Vista
Santa Marta                          12 km W of Aiquile

Santa Rosa                           Monserrat

Santiago                             Oploca 2

Santiaguillo                         15 km SE of Macha

Santo Cristo                         Oruro city

Sayari                               Arque Prov., Cochabamba Dept.,
                                     50 km SW of Cochabamba city

Serrania San                         Eastern Itenez Prov., Beni Dept.

Sica Sica                            Aroma Prov., La Paz Dept.,
                                     105 km SSE of La Paz

Siete Suyos                          Animas-Chocaya sub-district

Siglo Veinte                         Llallagua
or XX

Sijsihua                             Empexa

Socavon (also                        Oruro City
called La
Salvadora 1)

Socavon Carmen                       Chojlla

Socavon Rosario

Soracaya                             Atocha District, 10 km
                                     ESE of San Vicente

Sorata                               Larecaja Prov., La Paz Dept.,
                                     146 km NNW of La Paz

Sucre                                10 km N of Esmoraca

Tacora                               Avaroa, Nor Lipez Prov.,
                                     Potosi Dept.

Tamacaya                             10 km N of Salo

Taminani                             4 km N of Mt. Chicote Chico

Tanapaca (also                       3 km NW of Viloco
called Mocoya)

Tapacari                             Tapacari Prov., Cochabamba
                                     Dept., 45 km WSW of Cochabamba

Tapi                                 Cotagaita

Tarabuco                             64 km ESE of Sucre Yamparaez
                                     Prov., Chuquisaca Dept.

Tarapaya                             Frias Prov., Potosi Dept.,
                                     15 km NNW of Potosi

Tarumita                             4 km NE of Caracollo

Tatasi                               Sud Chichas Prov., Potosi
                                     Dept., 25 km ENE of San
Tazna; also Tasna                    Atocha (Quechisla) District

Terremoto                            10 km N of Cacachaca, Avaroa Prov.,
(or Pepito)                          Oruro Dept.

Tetilla                              Oruro City

Tihua                                Quijarro Prov., Potosi Dept.

Tipuani                              Larecaja Prov., La Paz Dept.,
                                     72 km NE of Sorata

Titina                               Caluyo

Tolapalca (also Thola                30 km ENE of Oruro City,
Placa)                               Cercado prov., Oruro Dept.

Tornohuaico                          Porco District, 2 km S of Porco

Toro Toro                            27 km ENE of San Pedro,
                                     Charcas Prov., Potosi Dept.

Toropalca                            Nor Chichas Prov., Potosi Dept.,
                                     51 Km N of Cotagaita

Totoral                              Pazna District

Tras Cuarenta                        Adjoins Viloco Mine

Tricolore                            Don Diego

Trinacria                            6 km SSE of Poopo

Tupiza                               Sud Chichas Prov., Potosi Dept.,
                                     201 km S of Potosi

Turco                                Sajama Prov., Oruro Dept.,
                                     120 km WSW of Oruto

Ubina                                Quijarro Prov., Potosi Dept.,
                                     halfway between Tazna and Pulacayo

Uncia                                Bustillo Prov., Potosi Dept.,
                                     77 km SE of Oruro

Unificada                            Potosi

Urania                               S slope of Illimani, Murillo Prov.,
                                     La Paz Dept.

Uturuncu                             Sud Lipez Prov., Potosi Dept.

Valle Zongo
(see Zongo)

Venus                                near Antequera mine,
                                     perhaps part of it

Vetillas                             Maragua

Viboras                              Machacamarca

Vichacla                             Nor Chichas Prov., Potosi Dept.,
                                     35 km W of Camargo, Nor Cinti
                                     Prov., Chuquisaca Dept.

Vicunita                             4 km S of Maria Teresa Mine

Vila Apacheta                        Near Chayanta

Vilaque                              Murillo and Los Andes Provinces,
                                     La Paz Dept

Villa Tunari                         Chapare Prov., Cochabamba Dept.,
                                     90 km NE of Cochabamba

Viloco (Interchangeable with Araca)  Loayza Prov., La Paz Dept.,
                                     41 km NNE of Luribay

Virgen de Surumi (preferred          Pacajake
name for Pacajake Mine)

Volcano                              Mojo

Yaco                                 Loayzo Prov., La Paz Dept.,
                                     29 km ESE of Luribay

Yanacachi                            Mururata district, Sud Yungas
                                     Prov., La Paz Dept.

Yani                                 Larecaja Prov., La Paz Dept.,
                                     20 km NNE of Sorata

Yarvicoya                            Cercado Prov., Oruro Dept.,
                                     40 km NE of Oruro, near Lequepalca

Yura                                 Quijarro Prov., Potosi Dept.,
                                     40 km SSW of Porco

Zongo: at least 30 mines here,       45 km N of La Paz, Larecaja and
including Fabulosa                   Murillo Provs., La Paz Dept.

                                     *(?) = Type Locality Disputed

Location                             Mineral species

Aceromarca                           Pyrite, pyrrhotite,
                                     scheelite, sphalerite,
                                     tourmaline, wolframite
Aguas Calientes                      See La Salvadora 2

Aiquile                              See Santa Marta

Alasca                               Cassiterite, pyrrhotite,

Alcacoya                             Stibnite

Aliada                               Teallite

Alto Chapare                         Aegirine, aragonite, boracite,
                                     danburite, dolomite, dravite,
                                     ericaite, hematite,
                                     (*) magnesioriebeckite
                                     ("crocidolite"), magnesite,
                                     microcline, (*) povondraite,
                                     pyrite; see Limbo

Amayapampa                           Gold, pyrite

Amigos                               Stibnite

Amutara                              Wolframite

Anahi                                Quartz (ametrine)

Ancohuma                             Bismuth, bismuthinite,
(west side)                          orthoclase, rutile

Ancoma                               See Polo Sur, (The)

Ancoraimes                           Hubnerite, realgar;
                                     see Magarinas

Andacaba                             Arsenopyrite, boulangerite,
                                     canfieldite, cassiterite,
                                     cerussite, galena, (*)
                                     potosiite, pyrite, siderite,
                                     sphalerite, wolframite;
                                     see Santa Barbara

Andamarca                            See Calama

Andina                               Cassiterite, wolframite

Animas                               Apatite, aramayoite, (*)
                                     bismuthinite, cassiterite,
                                     franckeite, (*)(?) freibergite,
                                     galena, hocartite, jamesonite,
                                     marcasite, miargyrite, pyrite,
                                     quartz, siderite, stannite,
                                     stephanite, tetrahedrite,
                                     wurtzite, zinkenite; see
                                     Chocaya, Gran Chocaya.

Animas-Chocaya                       See Chocaya, Oploca 1, Siete
                                     Suyos, Animas, Chocaya Grande

Antequera (also                      Cassiterite (needle tin),
called El Salvador,                  greenockite, pavonite,
Bolivar)                             sphalerite, stannite,
                                     teallite, wurtzite, zinkenite;
                                     see Venus, Cerro Chunchu

Antofagasta                          Stibnite with interstitial

Araca                                See Viloco

Ascension                            Azurite, barite, cerussite,
                                     hemimorphite, minium, scheelite,
                                     siderite, smithsonite

Asiento                              See Quioma

Asiento de Araca                     See Rosario 1

Asunta                               Franckeite, greenockite,
Atocha                               Minerals said to be from
                                     Atocha are actually from the
                                     Atocha- Quechisla district.
                                     A sub-district of this
                                     district is Animas-Chocaya
                                     district, Ferberite

Aullagas                             See Colquechaca

Avicaya                              Cassiterite, jarosite,
                                     stannite, vivianite

Ayoreita                             Amethyst, hollandite,
                                     smoky quartz

Berenguela                           Cassiterite, pyrite,
                                     pyrrhotite, silver sulfosalts

Berenguela                           Apatite, greenockite, quartz,
                                     siderite, sphalerite. See
                                     Jocullani, San Luis 1

Bolivar 1                            Aikinite, ankerite, benjaminite,
                                     berryite, bismuthinite,
                                     chalcopyrite, krupskaite,
                                     (*) payonite, pyrite, siderite

Bolivar 2                            See Antequera, El Salvador

Bolivia                              Jamesonite

Bolsa Negra                          Ferberite, scheelite,
aka Nevada                           wolframite

Cacachaca                            Chalcostibite. See Rosita,

Cachilaguna                          Halite, natron, thermonatrite,
                                     trona, ulexite

Calacalani                           Full name: San Antonio de
                                     Calacalani; see San Antonio 1

Calama                               Bismuth, gold, gypsum, silver

Caluyo                               Stibnite. See Pacopampa,

Candelaria                           Siderite, teallite,
                                     "montesite," wurtzite

Canutillos                           Barite, cassiterite, opal,
                                     pyrite, siderite

Capa Circa,                          Gold, stibnite
also Capacirca

Carabuco                             Scheelite (pink to orange,
                                     with tourmaline inclusions)

Caracoles                            Ankerite, apatite,
                                     bismuthinite, cassiterite,
                                     chlorite, pyrite, tourmaline

Caracollo                            See Tarumita

Caracota                             Gold, Stibnite

Carangas                             Chlorargyrite, rhodochrosite,
                                     silver, silver sulfosalts

Carguaicollo;                        Anglesite, cassiterite ("wood
also Carguaycollo,                   tin"), franckeite, greenockite,
Carhuaycollo                         pyrite, quartz, sphalerite,
                                     stibiconite, teallite,
                                     wurtzite, See Cerillos

Carmen Pampa                         Siderite, tetrahedrite
Carmen; also                         Bindheimite, bismuth,
Carmen-Aurora                        bismuthinite, cassiterite,
                                     jamesonite, pyrite

Cascabel                             Anglesite, boulangerite,
                                     galena, jamesonite
Cataricagua                          Cassiterite, goethite,

Catavi                               All minerals ascribed to
                                     Catavi came from the Siglo
                                     XX mine (= Llallagua)

Caxota                               See Viloco, Santa Cruz 1

Cebadillas                           Gold, stibnite

Cerillos                             Teallite

Cerro Bonete                         See Rosario 2, Bolivar 1

Cerro Chunchu                        Cassiterite (some
                                     Fe-rich "varlamoffite"),

Cerro Colorado                       Cinnabar

Cerro Grande                         Apatite, cassiterite,
                                     siderite, See Berenguela

Cerro Malmisa                        Antimony, Ferberite,

Cerro Negro 1                        Pyrophyllite, wolframite

Cerro Negro 2                        Annabergite, gersdorffite,

Cerro Pozoconi                       See Pozokoni: also
                                     written Posokoni

Cerro Rico (also:                    Acanthite, alunite, andorite,
Cerro de Potosi)                     apatite (flour?), arsenic,
                                     arsenopyrite, arsenosulvanite,
                                     barite, (*) berndtite, bismuthinite
                                     bournonite, calcite, cassiterite,
                                     chalcopyrite, chlorargyrite,
                                     diaphorite, franckeite, freibergite
                                     galena, goethite (iridescent),
                                     goslarite, halotrichite, hematite,
                                     jamesonite, jarosite, matildite,
                                     melanterite, miargyrite, nacrite,
                                     (*) ottemannite, phosphophyllite,
                                     pickeringite, pyrargyrite, pyrite,
                                     pyrostilpnite, quarz,  siderite,
                                     sideronatrite, siderotil, silver,
                                     smitsonite, sphalerite, stannite,
                                     stephanite, stibnite, tetrahedrite,
                                     valentinite, voltaite, wavellite,
                                     wolframite, wurtzite

Cerro San Pedro                      Large orthoclase phenocrysts,
                                     often replaced by quartz,
                                     chlorite, siderite, etc.

Cerro Sapo                           Amesite-2H, analcime, ankerite,
                                     barite, chalcopyrite, dawsonite,
                                     galena, natrolite, nordstrandite,

Cerro Ubina                          Bismuthinite, Pyrite, tourmaline

Cerro  Vilacota                      Barite, galena

Chacaltaya                           Arsenopyrite, cassiterite,
                                     fluorite, muscovite, nacrite,
                                     ullmannite (As-rich "korynite");
                                     see San Carlos 2

Chacarilla                           Copper, chalcocite, malachite

Chajolpaya                           Cassiterite

Challahuilque                        Chlorargyrite
Challana                             In the vicinity are found
                                     columbite, heteosite, rutile,
                                     spodumene, triphylite, triplite,
                                     see Fabulosa

Challapata                           Chalcostibite, teallite, wurtzite,
                                     See Terremoto, Vicunita

Challviri                            Stibnite

Chambillaya                          Apatite, arsenopyrite, quartz
                                     twins, wolframite

Chayanta                             Apatite, cassiterite, silver; see
                                     Capacirca, Pucro, Vila Apacheta

Chicote Chico                        Wolframite. See Taminani

Chicote Grande                       Arsenopyrite, ferberite, muscovite,
                                     pyrite, quartz (Japan law twins),
                                     Scorodite, siderite, tungsitete;
                                     see Lapiani

Chijmuni                             See Lili, Chijmuni is very close
                                     to the Laurani Mine.

Chilcani                             Bindheimite, chalcositibite, gold
                                     in stibnite

Chocaya                              Apatite, aramayoite, argyrodite,

                                     arsenopyrite, barite, bismuth,
                                     cassiterite, "elateite",
                                     franckeite, *hocartite, jarosite,
                                     marcasite, pyrite, quartz,
                                     *ramdohrite, stannite,
                                     tetrahedrite, wavellite, wurtzite,
                                     See Animas, Gran Chocaya, Siete
                                     Suyos, Oploca 1

Chocaya Grande                       Pyrargyrite
                                     Brown to pink cassiterite,
                                     feldspar, ferberite, muscovite,
                                     quartz, tungstite, wolframite;
                                     see Socavon Carmen

Chojnacota                           Arsenopyrite, cassiterite,
                                     chalcopyrite, pyrite, quartz,
                                     siderite, sphalerite

Choquecamata                         Gold

Choquetanga                          Scheelite; see Jachahuance Cuclio,

Chorolque                            Bismuth, bismuthinite, bournonite,
                                     cassiterite (some after apatite,
                                     pyrite, and bismuthinite),
                                     daubreeite, ferberite, goethite,
                                     gold, jamesonite, pyrite,
                                     scorodite, tourmaline, tungstite;
                                     see Espiritu, La Reforma,
                                     San Miguel 2, San Carlos 1

Chulchucani                          See San Luis 2

Chuma                                See Hualpani

Chuquiuta                            See Cebadillas

Churina                              Siderite, stibnite

Churquini                            Galena, hydrozincite, linarite,
                                     sphalerite, stibnite

Chusi                                Gold

Cobrizos                             Copper, gypsum, silver

Coipasa                              Halite, ulexite

Colavi                               (*) Bismite, goethite after
                                     siderite, opal, pyrite, siderite,
                                     valentinite; see Canutillos,
                                     Mosojllacta, Machacamarca

Colquechaca                          Acanthite, argentopyrite,
                                     argyrodite, arsenopyrite, barite,
                                     bismuth, bournonite, calcite,
                                     (*) canfieldite, cassiterite,
                                     chalcostibite, cylindrite,
                                     dyscrasite, "elaterite,"
                                     franckeite, galena, hocartite,
                                     jamesonite, lollingite, marcasite,
                                     miargyrite polybasite,
                                     (proustite?), Pyrargyrite, pyrite,
                                     quartz, siderite, silver (some
                                     after pyrargyrite and stephanite),
                                     sphalerite, stephanite, vivianite,
                                     wurtzite; see Aliada, Nueva
                                     Virginia, Aullagas

Colquiri                             Cassiterite, (*) colquirite,
                                     creedite, fluorite, gearksutite,
                                     gypsum, madocite, pyrite,
                                     ralstonite, sphalerite; see San
                                     Antonio 1

Comanche                             See Miriquiri; also a 15 meter

Concordia, also                      Cassiterite, Tourmaline
called Santo
Domingo                              Elevation to 5060 m! (16,000 feet)

Condeauque,                          Dolomite, Fluorite, scheelite; see
or Conde Auque                       Ascencion, Santa Isabel

Consolidated                         Arsenopyrite, cassiterite,
(Correctly,  "The                    chalcopyrite, muscovite,
Consolidated")                       pyrrhotite, scheelite, tourmaline,

Constancia                           Daubreeite

Coricoya                             Bornite, brochantite

Coriviri                             Bismuth, bismuthinite, gold,

Corocoro                             Algodonite, aragonite, azurite,
                                     celestiine, chalcophyllite,
                                     copper, cuprite, domeykite,
                                     fluorite, gypsum, jamesonite,
                                     malachite, silver, tenorite
                                     ("melaconite"), tetrahedrite; see
                                     Marcocoya, Pucara, San Agustin 1,
                                     San Francisco 2,

Coroico                              See Carmen Pampa

Cotagaita                            See Churquini, Pampa Grande,
                                     Cerro Colorado, Tapi

Cristalmayu                          See Alto Chapare

Cuprita                              Chalcedony, copper

David Mosiah                         Barite, hematite, hydroxylapatite,
                                     ilmenorutile, magnetite, schorl,
                                     rutile after ilmenite

Don Diego                            See Tricolore

Dos Amigos                           Antimony (some after stibnite)

El Barco                             Cassiterite
El Dragon                            Ahlfeldite, allophane, alunite,
                                     anglesite, barite, basaluminite,
                                     berzelianite, chalcomenite,
                                     chalcopyrite, clausthalite,
                                     clinochalcomenite, dolomite,
                                     eskebornite, esperite, kerstenite,
                                     klockmannite, krutaite,
                                     lepidocrocite, linarite,
                                     malachite, molybdomenite,
                                     olsacherite, penroseite,
                                     reevesite, schmiederite, selenium,
                                     tiemannite, trogtalite, umangite

El Salvador                          See Antequera

Empexa                               Ulexite; see Sijsihua

Esmoraca                             See Pueblo Viejo, Sucre, Rosario 2

Espiritu Santo                       Bismutite

Fabulosa                             Almandine, andalusite,
                                     arsenopyrite, cassiterite,
                                     chalcopyrite, cordierite (iolite),
                                     lazulite, molybdenite, muscovite,
                                     pyrite, pyrrhotite, quartz,
                                     sphalerite, stannite, triphylite,
                                     triplite, vivianite

Farellones                           Bismuthinite, ferritungstite,
                                     tungstite after ferberite

Fenix                                See Juliana

Filadelfia                           See Alto Chapare

Gran Chocaya                         Pyrargyrite

Gruta de San Pedro                   See San Pedro

Guadaloupe                           This is the name of the company
                                     that operated Tatasi from

Gutierrez                            Cerussite

Hiaco                                Barite, cerussite, galena, zincian
                                     argentite; see Pacajake

Huallatani                           Bismuth, cassiterite

Hualpani                             Anglesite, galena, sphalerite

Huanchaca                            See Pulacayo
(another name for
the Pulacayo Mine)

Huanuni                              (*) Aheylite, apatite, beidellite,
                                     bismuthinite, bournonite,
                                     cassiterite, chalcanthite,
                                     cronstedtite, ferberite,
                                     fibroferrite, fluorite,
                                     franckeite, halloysite,
                                     herzenbergite, hisingerite,
                                     hydrozincite, jamesonite,
                                     jarosite, kaolinite, linarite (?),
                                     ludlamite, marcasite, opal,
                                     owyheeite, pyrrhotite, plagionite,
                                     pyrite, semseyite, siderite,
                                     sphalerite, stannite, tourmaline,
                                     valentinite, variscite, vivianite,
                                     wavellite, wurtzite; *(?)wurtzite;
                                     world's richest cassiterite
                                     deposit; see Maria Francisca,
                                     Miraflores, Perez, Cerro Posokoni,
                                     Porvenir 1, Quimsacoya

Huari                                See Maria Teresa

Huari Huari                          See Orco Cuchillo

Huayna Potosi,                       Bismuth, bismuthinite,
Village also                         cassiterite, pyrite, tetrahedrite;
Huayna, Huaina                       see carmen-Pampa, Huallatani

Huayoco                              Wood tin

Hucumarini                           Bismuthinite
Ichucolla                            Old name for Monserrat Mine

Illimani                             See Urania, Ancohuma, Palca

Inquisivi                            See Caluyo

Iscaisca                             Semseyite. See Kentiyok

Itos                                 Acanthite, arsenopyrite,
                                     augelite, andorite,
                                     cassiterite, chalcostibite,
                                     dolomite, franckeite, freibergite,
                                     heteromorphite, jamesonite,
                                     kaolinite, metastibnite,
                                     miargyrite, natroalunite, pyrite,
                                     sakharovite,  silver, stannite,
                                     stibnite, tetrahedrite, zinkenite

Jachahuance                          Quartz

Japo                                 Same as Negro Pabellon

Jocullani                            Sphalerite

Juliana (also                        Ankerite, hydrotungstite,
called Fenix)                        scheelite, tungstite. See La Bomba

Kami                                 Apatite, arsenopyrite, cassiterite,
                                     ferbertite, jarosite, jeromite,
                                     lazulite, pyrite, pyrrhotite,
                                     quartz twins, scorodite, siderite,
                                     tourmaline, wolframite

Kari-Kari                            Almandine, epidote, hopeite; see

Kentiyok                             Galena

Kesniri                              Barite, galena, pyromorphite

La Bella                             Beryl, columbite, fergusonite,
                                     fluorite, monazite, topaz

La Bomba                             Fluorite, scheelite

La Colorada                          Bournonite, cassiterite, franckeite

La Escosasa                          Galena

La Gaiba                             See Anahi, Ayoreita

La Joya                              Gold, muscovite

La Paz

La Ponderosa                         Chalcedony, copper

La Reforma                           Bsimuth, bismuthinite

La Salvadora 1                       La Salvadora is the name of the
(see Socavon)                        cooperative operating the Socavon.

La Salvadora 2                       Barite, Galena, Stibnite

La Salvadora 3                       Apatite, cuprotungstite, scheelite,
                                     tourmaline, wolframite

La Sorpresa                          Annabergite, gersdorffite, nickline

La Union                             See Carmen-Aurora

La Verde                             Columbite, topaz, green muscovite

Laguna Cachi                         See Cachilaguna

Lapiani                              Pyrite, siderite

Laurani                              Enargite, (*) lammerite,
                                     lavendulan, luzonite

Lequepalca                           Ferberite, hydrozincite, linnaeite,
                                     stibiconite, stibnite. See San
                                     Miguel 3, Condeauque.

Lili                                 Austinite ("brickerite"), mimetite,
                                     pitticite, "travertine"

Limbo                                Actinolite, anhydrite, aragonite,
                                     magnesioriebeckite, hydromagnesite,
                                     magnesite, pyrite, talc

Lipez Huayco                         Cassiterite (some after teallite),
                                     herzenbergite ("montesite"),

Llallagua                            Allphane, alunite, arsenic,
                                     arsenopyrite, augelite, bismite,
                                     bismoclite, bismuth bismuthinite,
                                     bismutite, brochantite,
                                     cassiterite, chalcanthite,
                                     chalcocite, childrenite,
                                     chrysocolla, copper, cordierite,
                                     crandallite, creedite,
                                     cronstedtite, cylindrite,
                                     diadochite,evansite, ferberite,
                                     florencite, fluorapatite,
                                     franckeite, goethite, greenockite,
                                     hagendorfite, halotrichite,
                                     hematite, hisingerite, hubnerite,
                                     jamesonite, jarosite,
                                     (*) jeanbandyite, kaolinite,
                                     marcasite, melanterite,
                                     (*) metavauxite, miargyrite,
                                     monazite, muscovite (after
                                     cordierite), natantite,
                                     orthoclase, (*) paravauxite,
                                     pickeringite, plumbogummite,
                                     pyrite, pyromorphite, pyrrhotite,
                                     quartz twins, rhodochrosite,
                                     scheelite, sericite after
                                     orthoclase, siderite, (*) sigloite,
                                     sphalerite ("gumucionite"),
                                     stannite, stibnite, teallite,
                                     tetrahedrite, tourmaline,
                                     variscite, (*) vauxite, vivianite,
                                     wavellite, wickmanite, wurtzite,
                                     xenotime, zinkenite. All of the
                                     Llallagua minerals came from the
                                     Siglo XX mine.

Llavisa                              Adularia, cassiterite (wood tin),
                                     gersdorffite, topaz

Lomitas                              Austinite ("bickerite"),
                                     chalcedony, mimetite, pitticite;
                                     see also Lili


Macha                                See Milluri, Churina, Huayoco,
                                     Santiaguillo; these "wood tin"
                                     localities are often given on
                                     labels as "near Macha"

Machacamarca                         Augelite, chlorargyrite,
(not the                             bindheimite, bournonite,
Machacamarca in                      diaphorite, freibegite, jamesonite,
Litoral Prov.,                       pyrite, pyromorphite, quartz,
Oruro Dept.)                         siderite, tetrahedrite after
                                     bournonite ("stylotypite"); see

Magarinas                            Ferberite, geocronite

Maragua                              Cassiterite; see Santiaguillo,
                                     Vetillas, Cerro Malmisa

Marcamarcani                         Arsenopyrite, tellurian bismite,
(formerly San                        bismuth, bismuthinite,
Baldomero)                           bismutoferrite, erythrite, joseite,
                                     lollingite, skutterudite
Marcocoya                            Copper after aragonite

Margarita                            Vivianite, wolframite

Maria Francisca                      Cylindrite, (*)(?)franckeite,
                                     jamesonite, stannite

Maria Teresa                         Berndtite, (*) herzenbergite,
                                     ottemannite, stannite

Mariana                              Jamesonite

Marta                                Zinnwaldite

Matilde                              Cerussite, galena, siderite,

Mercedes                             Mafnesioriebeckite
del Illampu

Mesa de Plata                        Acanthite, andorite bromargyrite,
                                     pyrargyrute, silver, tenorite

Millipaya                            Drive, hedleyite jamesonite,
                                     molybdenite, molybdite, monazite,
                                     pyrite, quartz, schorl, tungstite,
                                     wolframite; see Marcamacani,

Milluni                              Cassiterite. Specimens ascribed to
                                     Milluni can be from either Los
                                     Andes or Murillo Province.

Milluri                              Cervanite

Miraflores                           The beautiful "blue lace" vauxites
                                     ascribed to Miraflores have exact
                                     counterparts from the Siglo XX
                                     Mine. The supposed find from
                                     "Miraflores" (Huanuni Mine) was
                                     unique, and no vauxite associates
                                     (metavauxite, paravauxite,
                                     childrenite, etc.) have ever been
                                     from the Siglo XX Mine.

Miriquiri                            Apatite, hematite, magnetite

Mizque                               See Quioma, Coricoya

Mochara                              See Pirpintuyok

Mocoya                               See Tanapaca

Mojo                                 See Volcano

Molinero                             See Coricoya

Molino                               Mistaken name for David Mosiah

Monserrat                            Brackebuschite, cassiterite
(formerly                            (needle tin), cylindrite,
Ichucolla)                           franckeite, galena,
                                     "hochschildite", pyrite, stannite,
                                     * teallite, vivianite, wurtzite
                                     (some: "pufahlite"), zinkenite.
                                     See Santa Rosa

Moquegua                             Pyrite, tourmaline

Morococala                           Cassiterite, hisingerite,
                                     phosphophyllite, pyrite, siderite

Moscari                              Ferberite, stibnite, wurtzite

Mosiah                               See David Mosiah

Mosojllacta                          Bismuth, bismuthinite, goethite,
                                     pyrite, siderite

Mururata 1                           See Bolsa Negra

Mururata 2                           Molybdenite, scheelite, tungstite,
(District includes                   wolframite. See Andina, Bolsa
Mururata 1)                          Negra, Aceromarca, Chojlla

Mutun                                Cryptomelane, hausmannite,
                                     hematite, magnetite (30 billion
                                     tons of iron ore), pyrolusite

Napa                                 Potassium-alum, sulfur, ulexite

Negra                                Arseniosiderite, pyrolusite

Negro Pabellon                       Cassiterite, hisingerite,
(Also called Japo)                   pyrrhotite, siderite, vivianite

Nueva Venecia                        Columbite, ilmenite (to 3.5 cm)

Nueva Virginia                       Cylindrite

Obrajes                              Jarosite, thermonatrite

Ocuri                                Cassiterite, pyrargyrite,
                                     stibiconite; see Huayoco, Lipez

Oploca 1                             Argyrodite/canfieldite,
                                     cassiterite, hocartite

Oploca 2                             Marcasite on pyrite, stibnite

Orco Cuchillo                        Marcasite

Orlandini (mine                      Cassiterite, pyrite, tourmaline
owner's name)

Oruro                                Andorite, arsenopyrite, augelite,
                                     barite, boulangerite, bournonite,
                                     cassiterite, cerussite,
                                     chalcopyrite, chalcostibite,
                                     cylindrite, diadochite, diaphorite,
                                     franckeite, galena, jamesonite,
                                     kesterite, marcasite, metastibnite,
                                     miargyrite, natroalunite,
                                     orthoclase, plagionite, pyrite,
                                     quartz, rhomboclase, semseyite,
                                     siderite, sphalerite, stannite,
                                     stibnite, teallite, tetrahedrite,
                                     tourmaline, valentinite, vivianite,
                                     wavellite, (*)(?)wurtzite,
                                     zinkenite; see San Jose, Santo
                                     Cristo, Itos, Socavon, Antofagasta,
                                     Tetilla, San Felipe, La Colorada,
                                     Cerro San Pedro, Socavon

Pacajake (or                         (*) Ahlfeldite, barite,
better: Mine                         clausthalite, chalcomenite,
Virgen de                            cobaltomenite, grimaldiite,
Surumi, in                           hematite, (*) mandarinoite,
Pacajake Canyon)                     molybdomenite, naumannite,
                                     (*) olsacherite, (*) penroseite
                                     ("blockite"), selenium, siderite,

Pacopampa                            Ferberite, siderite

Pacuani                              Bournonite, galena, jamesonite

Pacuni Chico                         Wolframite

Pailaviri                            See Cerro Rico

Palca                                Stibnite

Pallaya                              Gold

Pampa Grande                         Aurichalcite, galena, linarite;
                                     see Churquina

Paragui                              Chalcedony, hubnerite, stibnite

Patacamaya                           See Pacuani, La Escosasa

Pazna                                See Exaltacion, Antequera, Avicaya,
                                     Avicaya, Totoral, Monserrat

Perez                                Wolframite

Pirpintuyok                          Anglesite, galena
(also known as

Poconota                             Gold, stibnite

Polo Sur                             Cassiterite

Pongo                                Cassiterite, ferberite,
                                     hydrotungstite, tungstite; see
                                     Martha, San Antonio 3, Alasca

Poopo                                Cassiterite, (*) cylindrite,
                                     fluorapatite, (*)(?)franckeite,
                                     (*) incaite, jamesonite, kermesite,
                                     silver, stannite, teallite,
                                     vivianite, wurtzite, zinkenite; see
                                     Coriviri, San Francisco 3, Santa
                                     Cruz 2, Trinacria, Rosario 3,
                                     Bolivia, Candelaria

Porco                                Acanthite, ankerite, argyrodite,
                                     barite, calcite, cervantite,
                                     galena, marcasite, pyrargyrite,
                                     pyrite, pyrrhotite, quartz,
                                     siderite, silver, sphalerite; see
                                     Tornohuico, Gutierrez

Porvenir 1                           Boulangerite, cassiterite (needle
                                     tin), cylindrite, franckeite,
                                     greenockite, freieslebenite,
                                     jamesonite, pavonite, plagionite,
                                     semseyite, sphalerite, stannite,
                                     stibiconite, teallite, valentinite,

Porvenir 2, also                     Gold, tourmaline
Socavon Porvenir

Porvenir 3                           Misnomer for Bolivar 1

Posokoni                             Cassiterite, jarosite, opal,
(Pozokoni)                           scorodite, sphalerite, tourmaline;
                                     see Cataricagua

Potosi                               See Cerro Rico


Pucro                                Cassiterite, pyrite, pyrrhotite,

Pueblo Viejo                         Bismutite

Puerto Suarez                        See La Guiba, Mutun

Pulacayo (also                       Anhydrite, arsenolite, bournonite,
called Huanchaca                     chalcopyrite, chalcostibite,
Mine)                                enargite, freibergite (?), galena,
                                     geocronite, gypsum, jamesonite,
                                     miargyrite, metastibnite,
                                     pyrargyrite, pyrite, quartz,
                                     siderite, sphalerite, tennantite,
                                     tetrahedrite, wurtzite, zinkenite

Quechisla                            Minerals ascribed to Quechnisla
                                     actually came from the Atocha/
                                     Quechisla district.

Quetena Grande                       Metasideronatrite, malachite

Quiabaya                             Jamesonite. See Cascabel.

Quime                                Antimony, calcite, pyrite,
                                     scheelite valentinite, wolframite;
                                     see Chambillaya, Margareta, Pacuni
Quimsacoya                           Hubnerite, stibnite

Quioma, also                         Galena (Ag rich), litharge,
Asiento                              minium, sphalerite

Ramiro                               Cassiterite, pyromorphite

Recompensa                           Ferrocolumbite, monazite

Remedios                             Calcite

Rincon del Tigre                     Chrome-chalcedony, quartz with
                                     bubbles; see also Anahi

Rosario 1                            Cassiterite, ferberite twins,
(sometimes                           gold, jamesonite, quartz with
Socavon Rosario)                     tourmaline inclusions, plagionite,
                                     scheelite; see Porvenir 2

Rosario 2                            Pyrargyrite, silver

Rosario 3                            Cylindrite, franckeite, sphalerite

Rosario 4                            Bismuth, bismuthinite, ferberite
(sometimes                           twins, quartz twins, pyrite

Rosita                               Chalcostibite

Sabaya                               Ulexite; probably from near the
                                     mouth of the Sabaya river into the
                                     Salar de Coipasa

Sacaba                               Siderite

Salar de Empexa                      See Empexa

Salo                                 See Tamacaya

Salvadora 1                          See Socavon

Salvadora 2                          This mountain contains the
                                     Llallagua deposit. All minerals
                                     come from the Siglo XX mine.

San Agustin 1                        Copper after aragonite, cuprite,

San Agustin 2                        Columbite, magnetite, monazite,

San Antonio 1                        Ferberite, (*) hydrotungstite,
(full name:                          stibnite, tungstite
San Antonio de

San Antonio 2                        Cassiterite (Some specimens from
                                     here may be labeled Viloco.)

San Antonio 3                        Ferritungstite, tungstite,

San Antonio                          Cerargyrite; see Mesa de Plata
de Lipez

San Baldomero                        Old name for Marcamarcani gold

San Carlos 1                         Bismite

San Carlos 2                         Cassiterite, chalcopyrite,
                                     fluorite, gersdorffite, muscovite,
                                     pyrite, quartz, tourmaline

San Cristobal                        See Cobrizos, Challahuilque

San Felipe                           Augelite, andorite, pyrite,

San Francisco 1                      See Alto Chapare
San Francisco 2
San Francisco 3                      Cylindrite, kermesite

San Javier                           Tantalite

San Jose                             Alunite, andorite, arsenopyrite,
                                     augelite, boulangerite, bournonite,
                                     cassiterite, cerussite, chalcopy-
                                     rite, chlorargyrite, cylindrite,
                                     diaphorite, dickite, franckeite,
                                     franckeite, galena, halotrichite,
                                     jamesonite, jarosite, kesterite,
                                     marcasite, metastibnite,
                                     plagionite, pyrite, rhomboclase,
                                     semseyite, stannite, stibnite,
                                     teallite, tetrahedrite, tourmaline,
                                     valentinite, vuvuabutem wyrtzute,

San Jose de Culini                   Galena, pyrrhotite, siderite,
                                     sillimanite, ullmannite

San Luis 1 (also                     Azurite, copper, galena,
known as known as                    greenockite, sphalerite,
Mary Mary: Heil                      tennantite
Hitler; and Kairiri)

San Luis 2                           Asbolane, cuprian heterogenite

San Miguel 1                         Staurolite

San Miguel 2                         Wittichenite

San Miguel 3                         Ferberite, some coating stibnite,
                                     jarosite, stibiconite, sulfur

San Pablo de                         See Churina

San Pablo                            See Napa
de Napa

San Pedro                            Remarkable karst carvern > 1 km
                                     long, entirely in gypsum

San Pedro de                         Barite, bismuth, bismuthinite,
Buena Vista                          gold; see Maria, Ramiro

San Ramon                            See La Bella, San Agustin 2, La

San Simon                            See Serrania

San Vicente                          Freibergite (unconfirmed); part of
                                     the Atocha (Quechista) District.
                                     Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
                                     were killed and buried here; see
                                     Alcacoya, Asunta, Soracaya, Tatasi

Santa Ana                            Beryl, limonite after almandine,
                                     muscovite, staurolite, tantalite

Santa Barabara                       Wolframite

Santa Cruz 1                         Mottramite

Santa Cruz 2                         (*) Cylindrite, franckeite,
                                     kermesite, zinkenite

Santa Fe                             Cassiterite, crandallite,
                                     freieslebenite, matildite,
                                     miargyrite, muscovite, pyrargyrite,
                                     quartz, silver; see Negro Pabellon,

Santa Isabel                         Ferberite, hubnerite, zinkenite

Santa Maria                          Bismuthinite, gold
Santa Marta                          Acanthite, galena, silver

Santa Rosa                           Siderite, (*) teallite

Santiago                             Dickite

Santiaguillo                         Adularia, cassiterite (wood tin),
                                     hematite, (*) rooseveltite, topaz

Santo Cristo                         Andorite, augelite, aurichalcite,
                                     cassiterite, franckeite,
                                     jamesonite, metastibnite, pyrite,

Sayari                               Cerussite, chlorargyrite, galena,
                                     manganese oxides

Serrania San                         Hausmannite, "psilomelane",
Simon                                pyrolusite

Sica Sica                            See Laurani, Lomitas. Sica Sica is
                                     very close to Chijmuni and the Lili

Siete Suyos                          Apatite, boulangerite, bournonite,
                                     freibergite, hocartite, jamesonite,
                                     pyrite, stannite

Siglo Veinte                         See under Llallagua
or XX

Sijsihua                             Nitratine

Socavon (also                        Augelite, bournonite, franckeite,
called La                            chalcostibite, plagionite, pyrite,
Salvadora 1)                         sphalerite, stannite, stibnite,
                                     tetrahedrite, wavellite

Socavon Carmen                       Cassiterite, feldspar, muscovite,

Socavon Rosario                      See Rosario 1

Soracaya                             Pyrargyrite, tetrahedrite

Sorata                               See Millapaya, Hucumarini,

Sucre                                Gold, stibnite

Tacora                               Sulfur

Tamacaya                             Boulangerite

Taminani                             Arsenopyrite, tungstite, wolframite

Tanapaca (also                       Arsenopyrite, bismuth,
called Mocoya)                       bismuthinite, cassiterite, gold
                                     (Some specimens from here may be
                                     labeled Viloco.)

Tapacari                             Stibnite, sulfur; see La Sorpresa

Tapi                                 Chalcostibite, stibnite

Tarabuco                             Amethyst, chalcedony, copper,
                                     cuprite, zeolites

Tarapaya                             Hematite

Tarumita                             Celestine, cervantite, cinnabar on
                                     stibnite, tripuhyite

Tatasi                               Andorite, canfieldite (?),
                                     cerussite, miargyrite, ramdohrite,
Tazna; also Tasna                    Arsenobismite, arsenopyrite,
                                     augelite, bindheimite ("taznite"),
                                     bismite, bismoclite, bismuth,
                                     bismuthinite, bismutite,
                                     cassiterite (included stream tin),
                                     (*) daubreeite, ferberite,
                                     fluorapatite, jamesonite, jarosite,
                                     pyrite, quartz twins, siderite,
                                     tungstite, vivianite;see
                                     Constancia, Farellones, Mariana,
                                     Rosario 4

Terremoto                            Chalcostibite, stibnite
(or Pepito)

Tetilla                              Anglesite, barite, galena,
                                     sphalerite, tetrahedrite

Tihua                                Operated Carguaicollo Mines, which

Tipuani                              Cassiterite, garnet, gold, pyrite;
                                     see Chusi

Titina                               Tetrahedrite (2% Hg)

Tolapalca (also Thola                Ankerite, Stribnite

Tornohuaico                          Acanthite, argyrodite/canfieldite,
                                     galena, silver, stannite,
                                     stephanite, siderite

Toro Toro                            Calcite, descloizite

Toropalca                            Cassiterite, chalcostibite; see

Totoral                              Vivianite

Tras Cuarenta                        Ferrimolybdite, molybdenite,
                                     tourmaline, wolframite

Tricolore                            Chrysocolla

Trinacria                            Cylindrite, franckeite, zinkenite

Tupiza                               Almandine, epidote; see Salo

Turco                                Azurite, Chrysocolla, copper,
                                     cuprite; see La Ponderosa, Cuprita

Ubina                                Barite, enargite, jamesonite,
                                     orthoclase, pyrite, tetrahedrite;
                                     see Moquegua, Orlandini, Cerro

Uncia                                All Specimens ascribed to Uncia
                                     except pyrargyrite, psilomelane and
                                     (common) opal, are from the Siglo
                                     XX mine See Amayapampa, Salvadora 2

Unificada                            See Cerro Rico

Urania                               Ferberite after scheelite,

Uturuncu                             Alunogen, opal, pickeringite,
                                     pyrolusite, pink sulfur

Valle Zongo
(see Zongo)

Venus                                Cassiterite, hydrocerussite,

Vetillas                             Stannite, franckeite

Viboras                              Bournonite, chlorargyrite,
Vichacla                             See Cerro Negro 2

Vicunita                             Cassiterite ("needle tin"), galena,

Vila Apacheta                        Apatite, cassiterite, gypsum,
                                     (*) rhodostannite, magnesite,
                                     pyrite, sphalerite, stannoidite

Vilaque                              Alluvial bismuth, bismutite, gold

Villa Tunari                         See Alto Chapare

Viloco (Interchangeable with Araca)  Arsenopyrite, cassiterite,
                                     chamosite, molybdenite,
                                     ferrimolybdite, pyrite, quartz,
                                     siderite, sphalerite, "tourmaline";
                                     see San Antonio 2, Tanapaca,
                                     Asiento de Araca

Virgen de Surumi (preferred
name for Pacajake Mine)

Volcano                              Cerussite, pyromorphite, wulfenite

Yaco                                 See Santa Cruz 1

Yanacachi                            See Reconquistada, Chojlla, Bolsa
                                     Negra, El Barco

Yani                                 See Pallaya

Yarvicoya                            Brochantite, chalcanthite,
                                     chalcopyrite, cuprite, stibiconite,

Yura                                 See Caracota

Zongo: at least 30 mines here,       Hypothermal veins with pegmatite
including Fabulosa                   characteristics: almandine,
                                     apatite, biotite, cassiterite,
                                     chalcopyrite, chlorite, erythrite,
                                     hubnerite, lazulite, molybdenite,
                                     muscovite, quartz, sphalerite,
                                     stannite, triphylite, triplite,
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Date:Nov 1, 2001
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