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A Grammar of Mina.


A grammar of Mina.

Frajzyngier, Zygmunt and Eric Johnston.

Walter de Gruyter


506 pages



Mouton grammar library; 36


The word for a single Mina speaker translates to "one who belongs to the place." Mina, a language which itself belongs to the central branch of Chadic, is spoken in the western part of Northern Cameroon in a small number of villages and settlements where most denizens are cultivators of sorghum, peanuts and cotton (by men) and sesame, beans and green peas (by women). Although the life of Mina speakers tends to be simple and the language is confined, dialects abound and sometimes speakers from the same village speak different dialects. Gathered on site from 1991 to 1999, the information here includes phonology, the structure of the nun phrase, the verb and its forms, argument and event coding, locative prediction and locative complements, adjuncts, goal-oriented extension, aspects, modality, end-of-event coding, negation, verbless and interrogative clauses, reference systems, focus constructions, topicalization, parataxis, complementation, clauses, purpose and elements of discourse structure.

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