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Byline: Edward Russo The Register-Guard

Chris O'Donnell, Mary Stuart Masterson, Eric McCormack and the other stars are long gone from Eugene, wrapping up their work in May on the locally produced film "The Sisters."

But some of their clothes were sold Saturday, in what had to be the most glamorous garage sale in Eugene, if not in Oregon.

A herringbone sport coat worn by O'Donnell was going for $20. A pink blouse used by Masterson could be had for $5.

How about a navy blue sweater-shirt combination worn by McCormack, who plays Will of TV's "Will & Grace," for $5? Don't mind the stain on the collar; it's fake blood used after McCormack's character crashes through a window.

Those and more clothes and props used during filming of "The Sisters" were offered to the public at Chambers Media Center in north Eugene. Media Executive Carolyn Chambers is producing the $5.5 million film, which was inspired by Anton Chekhov's play "The Three Sisters."

Everything had to go, from clothes and shoes, to knick-knacks, furniture and beds, to custom-built wrought-iron fencing and oversized doors. Prices ranged from $1 to $2,000, but most things were $10 or less.

Sharmaine Sarvis of Eugene had selected a purple V-neck sweater, a beaded 1950s-style cardigan sweater and, as she said, "a very sassy chiffon and cotton evening dress."

"I like to look for unusual items," Sarvis said. "You don't find things like this at regular garage sales."

But it was more than Hollywood chic that drew Sarvis to the building on the back lot of Chambers Media Center.

"The movie was made here in Eugene. It has a certain nostalgia to it," Sarvis said. "That way, when the movie comes out, I can say, `Oh, I have that dress, or I have that lamp.' '

Several items remained when the sale ended at mid-afternoon. Chambers' production firm will have a follow-up sale next Saturday from 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. on the east side of the media center at 2975 Chad Drive.

Chambers rented most of the props for "The Sisters" but the company had to buy certain items, including wardrobe from Hollywood suppliers and furniture from stores in Eugene and Portland.

Typically, after the last frame of film is shot, major Hollywood film studios keep the props because they have room to store them and they make a lot of movies. But Chambers would have to pay to store props that probably wouldn't be needed again, said Jerry Pierce, production executive on "The Sisters" and Chambers' other yet-to-be released film, "Puerto Vallarta Squeeze."

Post-production work continues on "The Sisters," Pierce said. And Chambers is continuing to try to find a distributor for "Puerto Vallarta Squeeze."

Some people who helped at Saturday's sale worked on "The Sisters" as production assistants. For them, the sale was a chance to reunite and buy a thing or two for sentimental reasons.

Molly O'Kief bought a fake pearl-handle cane used by Rip Torn, a veteran Emmy award-winning actor. O'Kief described Torn as "funny, quirky, a little disheveled" - and her favorite actor on the set.

She recalled how Torn had a driver take him to a local Bi-Mart store where he bought a membership so he could load up on fishing supplies. Later, he and the driver went fishing. Torn "was a cool guy," she said.

Pierce overheard O'Kief's description and quipped, "Rip Torn was a character unto himself without ever having to be in the movie."
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Title Annotation:Entertainment; Buyers scoop up movie props used in `The Sisters,' filmed recently in Eugene
Publication:The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)
Date:Aug 1, 2004
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