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A Fresh Take.

There is no denying the fact that Andaz-i-Sitam is a fresh take on social issues prevalent in Pakistani society for years yet are still considered taboo. Probably for the first time in the history of Pakistani drama, the subject of marital rape has been discussed. Many women think that it is better to compromise and submit to the husband's sexual demands rather than take a stand against it. According to a report, almost half the women in Islamabad and Rawalpindi have reported of being forced into sexual maltreatment by their husbands while no cases ever reach the courts.

Keeping in view the growing trend, especially in the lower middle classes, the serial can be termed as a trend-setter. Andaz-e-Sitam is all about marital rape and an innocent woman's fight for justice. With playwrights churning out cliched stories, twisted plot lines and plagiarized scripts, this serial definitely comes as a ray of hope for discussing forbidden socials issues. Directed by Ali Hassan, the serial gives the audience a clear peep into the lives of many women and the treatment they get from their family members, friends and even neighbours.

The story revolves round Ayat, a young and upright dynamic girl who believes in set principles in life. She meets a violent and spoilt young man Wamiq at the university of her younger brother Samar. She had found the two boys fighting vigourously and was forced to intervene. This culminated in Ayat slapping Wamiq in front of the entire university. The incident haunted Wamiq and he decided to take revenge from Ayat for the humiliation. He kidnapped Ayat and forcefully married her.

The spoilt brat Wamiq is a playboy who flirts with girls, uses them to his advantage and treats them like objects. His exchange with a girl at his university about her being pregnant and promising to marry her but denying it later, speaks volumes for his character. He has been portrayed as a ruthless man who does not respect women and does not believe in the concept of marriage. But then Ayat turns out to be a hard nut to crack and goes to the court, charges Wamiq with marital rape and demands a divorce. She succeeds in getting the divorce and the court sends him to jail.

Apart from a loving family, Ayat has a silent admirer Salman, her bhabi's brother, who finally succeeds in winning her love. Ayat has a daughter from Wamiq and a son from Salman. When Wamiq comes out of jail after completing his term he wants his daughter back that leads to a tussle between Ayat and Wamiq.

Andaz-i-Sitam has Agha Ali who plays Wamiq. Kubra Khan, in the role of Ayat, has done an excellent job. Faris Shafi is the cool and quiet Salman, the silent lover of Ayat. Though the characters have done justice to their roles, the plot lacks in maintaining the flow required to keep the interest of the viewer intact. Had both the writer and director done some research on marital rape, they could have come up with a better- knitted story.

Despite handling a very important social issue Andaz-i-Sitam has not been able to convey the required message to viewers. It definitely started pretty well but then it seems that the writer has not been able to knit the script cleverly. Probably he ventured to write a script on a subject he himself was confused and unclear about. It could have been a simpler, more logical, absorbing story with a more clear ending.

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Date:Jun 30, 2017
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