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A Formulary of Candy Products.

A FORMULARY of CANDY PRODUCTS by Norman Harris, Dr Martin S Peterson and Dr Silvio Crespo. 363 pages with index. Price: 71.75 [pounds]. (USA: The Chemical Publishing Co Inc; UK: Food Trade Press Ltd)

Over a period of time this publisher has put out many books on formulations and there is a useful market for this information, especially amongst those seeking inspiration for new product development.

Describing a technical book isn't easy but identifying what is in a list of formulations is a different task. For ease of discovering what is to be seen in the text, it is divided into 14 major sections that carry titles: Aerated candies, Aerated candies - miscellaneous, Chewy candies, Chocolate products, Coatings and icings, Coconut candies, Dietetic candies, Fudges, Hard candies, Marshmallows, Nougats, Novel and notable confections, Pan-coated candies, and Syrups and toppings. The remainder of the text is devoted to a glossary of the terms used in the industry, an appendix showing some useful physical data and an index.

In the Notable and novel confections chapter we find recipe and manufacturing information on almond popcorn crunch, bark, candy cigarette dough, caramel corn/bitsyn bars, jumbo cherries, maple cream, maple sugar cakes, sweet/sour tablets, marzipan candies, marzipan centres, and Turkish- style delight. In the chapter on fudges there are no fewer than 21 separate formulations to browse through. In the chapter on chocolates there are some 25 recipes and sets of instructions for manufacture. All in all this is a treasure trove of ideas about products half remembered from earlier days and the exotic ones that are only ever dreamt of!
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Publication:Food Trade Review
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Date:Apr 1, 1992
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