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A Five Year Look at the AFC and NFC Championship Viewership Trends.

Byline: Maury Brown

From a television ratings perspective, it's hard to imagine a bad Super Bowl match-up that could come out of the AFC and NFC Championship games this coming Sunday. As a look forward, the Closing Bell of Friday's SportsBusiness Daily ( offered up the last 5 years of viewership trends for the AFC and NFC Championship.


AFC CHAMPIONSHIP RATINGS, VIEWERSHIP TREND ON CBS YR RATING VIEWERS (000) MATCHUP '09 22.0 40,645 Steelers-Ravens '08 25.7 44,840 Patriots-Chargers '07 26.4 46,695 Colts-Patriots '06 23.6 39,001 Steelers-Broncos '05 25.8 44,334 Patriots-Steelers NFC CHAMPIONSHIP RATINGS, VIEWERSHIP TREND ON FOX YR RATING VIEWERS (000) MATCHUP '09 21.9 38,387 Cardinals-Eagles '08 29.0 53,937 Giants-Packers '07 25.1 43,247 Bears-Saints '06 20.8 35,233 Seahawks-Panthers '05 25.8 42,937 Eagles-Falcons

Source: SportsBusiness Daily



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Date:Jan 23, 2010
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