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A First Down Under.

As Canada moves to full marriage equality and the U.S. throws out the last vestiges of its anti-sodomy laws, Australia is airing its first TV ads for a gay bathhouse. Aired on local TV in Melbourne, the ad is set in a crowded pub where two young men are drinking in the company of two women. When the women leave, the men make eye contact and head for Wet, a gay spa in Wellington. Believed to be the world's first spot for a gay bathhouse on broadcast TV, the ad has attracted the inevitable spate of criticism, notably from the Catholic Church, which charged that the ad appears to be aimed at straight men and is thus part of a "recruitment drive." Complained one critic: "They are trying to get new recruits, fresh blood almost, into the community." No, not into the community--just into the bathhouse. When are people going to learn the difference between politics and commerce?
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Date:Sep 1, 2003
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