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A Faustian Bargain.

The flagrant contradictions in the logic and rhetoric of those in the pro-resistance camp have become sickening. There is nothing in their talk that encourages debate, or moves the imagination to conduct comparisons and evoke responses.

Those who follow the media of the countries, organizations and agencies making up this camp are noticing a sharp deterioration in their rhetoric, which has reached the point of curses, vulgarity and death threats. There is no longer any excuse or pretext that can justify the killing of Arab peoples and the violation of their individual and collective rights, at times in the name of confronting imperialism, or at others in the name of resisting Israel and its expansionist plans. It has become abundantly clear that the first and last concern of such people is power and the trappings and benefits that go along with it.

There is no answer to the plunder from which Syria has suffered, and the obliteration of its economy, for example, and for Hezbollah's transformation in Lebanon to an engine of sectarian incitement, except the use of time to mobilize groups in preparation for a battle that will certainly end with the disappearance of Israel. There is no explanation for Iran's movement in Iraq and its exploitation of the breakdown of the state and the country's destruction to establish a pro-Iranian regime, other than the expansion of the resistance front after it defeated the American occupation.

Leaving aside the press articles and interviews, and the pro-resistance writers who are ready to contradict themselves around the clock, let us look instead at the overarching policies and the "fixed and principled" stance by the leaders of this camp. In fact, there is nothing "fixed and principled" in their policy except the survival of the Syrian and Iranian regimes, and these regimes' exploitation of negotiating cards that they hold, or have created for this end. Lebanon and the Palestinians have paid a heavy price for this policy of acquisition and dependency, and Iraq is taking active steps in this direction.

The oscillations of the resistance front, which are dictated by a vulgar translation of "realpolitik," as understood by President Hafez Assad and his heir, and are required by the interest of the rulers in Iran, are not permitted for others. Individuals who believed in the resistance for many years, and the organizations who became involved with it up to their necks, have no right to review their stances and declare their moral or political-pragmatic bias toward the Syrian people and their uprising, even after they see the many corpses that the media of the Assad regime and its clients stroll between.

Those convinced of the resistance and its leaders have conducted a bargain that resembles that of the famous Faust (written by Goethe in the 19th century). The only thing being requested is silence about the killing of children, the rape of women and the destruction of cities, and bearing mute witness to the violation of Syria (and perhaps later Lebanon), amid slogans that are already known to be empty of anything except the dictatorship of a family and a imperialist plan with no future. Those who rebel against this Faustian bargain will meet the tragic fate of a hero who trades his human frailty and dissatisfaction for knowledge and pleasures. Those who violate the pact will not only lose their privileges but will also be chased by the curse of the devil, and might not survive. Those who insist on closing their eyes and searching for mistakes in the pro-uprising camp, to defame it and destabilize it, might find what they are searching for, but this will not change the course of history, which has had its say.

Thus, the Syrian uprising resembles a giant spotlight on the political and moral claims of a large number of Syrians, Lebanese and Palestinians who are no longer ready to believe that the road to Palestine runs through the debris of Homs, Aleppo, Idlib and Maaret al-Numan.

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Publication:Dar Al Hayat, International ed. (Beirut, Lebanon)
Date:Oct 19, 2012
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