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A European civil war looms on the horizon.

MR CAMERON is way off the mark with his claim that Brexit will lead to increased wars.

I lost two dear uncles to German bullets in war, and so back in 1973, I supported our entry into the European Community. It seemed to me that anything that helped stop European countries declaring war on each other must be a good thing.

Forty years later, my views have changed diametrically. I now see the first European Civil War as being just around the corner, as countries try to break from the suffocating grip of a federal Europe in Brussels.

Time to stand alone. And do not get me started on the economic argument, with us currently building Romania and Bulgaria's motorways, and with almost Third World Turkey (and their population, bigger than ours) just around the corner!

Every year, we can celebrate British Independence Day on June 24. Do not let Cameron and his Bremainers scare you. These folk would have surrendered after Dunkirk.

Dai Woosnam, Scartho, Grimsby

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:May 13, 2016
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