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A DIY raised garden bed.

This simple raised bed utilizes scrap floor tiles and short lengths of copper electrical wire. They will last forever and the copper should help to repel slugs.

My inspiration was a visit to Dublin Rooftop Urban Farm and the beds they are making from scrap containers. I happened to have some leftover tiles in my shed and knocked this one up in my garden one afternoon. The top edge could be finished off with a piece of split plastic pipe or U-channeled timber trim to give a broader lip and could be varnished or painted.

If you had a good tile cutter and a smoothing stone and trimmed a slight angle off the vertical edges of each tile you could even make bowl shapes.

Step 1: Take a pile of 12-inch or larger scrap tiles.

Step 2: Gather pliers and some scrap electrical wire.

Step 3: Using 2 lengths of wire, twist at tile edge.

Step 4: Wrap the wire around tiles and twist at other edge.

Step 5: Make a stack of tiles wrapped in wire.

Step 6: Join by twisting wire ends, edge to edge.

Step 7: Join as many as you like for your raised bed size.

Step 8: Line with weed fabric or polyethylene with holes.

Step 9: Fill with dirt and plant your flowers or veggies.

Dave Roberts was born in London, England. His father was a tropical agriculturalist working in Malaysia, and he and his brothers grew up on plantations in the Far East and in west Africa. He graduated from Dublin's National College for Art and Design as an Industrial Designer and currently works as a Product Design Lecturer at the Institute of Higher Education in Sligo, on the west coast of Ireland. He has three children and two grandchildren and enjoys tinkering with ideas, in particular prototyping low tech solutions for home cropping and conserving water.

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Author:Roberts, Dave
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Date:May 1, 2013
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