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A Creative Toolkit of Meditations.

A Creative Toolkit of Meditations

William W. Blake

Balboa Press

c/o Hay House, Inc.

PO Box 5100, Carlsbad, CA 92018-5100

Hardcover [5.5 x 8.5] ISBN 9781452574417 - $23.55

Softcover [5.5 x 8.5] ISBN 9781452574394 - $12.99

E-Book ISBN 9781452574400 - $2.99

Available at and Barnes and Noble

A Creative Toolkit of Meditations comes from an expert who has taught meditation for fifteen years, and who provides some twenty meditations designed for inquiry and mindfulness. From a better mind/body connection to increasing communications with others and addressing barriers to these connections and communications, A Creative Toolkit of Meditations is filled with keys to supporting and building conscious awareness on many levels.

Chapters begin with discussions of basic belief systems, childhood messages, and how a process of emotional growth can be supported by meditation. Life's first journey is all about recognizing these beliefs and assuming responsibility for their impact; life's second journey is about waking up to (and acknowledging) one's true nature... also a process supported by this toolkit.

While these processes are interconnected, the meditations associated with them are different, designed to support different levels of consciousness and purpose. That's why it's important to have a toolkit that operates on varied levels: to address the specifics and differences involved in this evolutionary process.

Awareness here is likened to a 'muscle' that needs building - and that's what this toolkit is all about.

From knocking out negative belief patterns to fostering investigative dialogues that involve rephrasing techniques and uncovering underlying negative perceptions, this is packed with meditations linked to specific changes and actions: "The crafty, subtle negative beliefs that we have about ourselves and others must be uncovered if we desire to live more happily. Anyone committed to investigative dialogue can gently elbow another person into increased clarity about negative beliefs. Investigative dialogue is a device to crack open subconscious ignorance."

These approaches are just one aspect that differentiates A Creative Toolkit of Meditations from your more general 'how-to' guide to meditations. It's much more than one person's reflection on techniques, however talented: it incorporates research studies (such as The Third International Mathematics and Science Study that tested a half-million students around the world, and whose findings lend to a probe of underlying attitudes about belief and the educational process as a whole), it discusses how and why attitudes are changed, and incorporates the process of meditation into the bigger picture of social and cultural observation.

Can meditation techniques result in social change? Yes, if they are applied! A Creative Toolkit of Meditations takes the smaller circle resolving around individual growth and slowly moves to the bigger picture of changing hearts, minds and social connections. It promotes a flexible attitude that invites readers to rephrase and redesign elements of the basic toolkit to fit their own paradigms for growth and personal achievement, and it's all about the bigger picture of fostering love of self and love for and understanding of others.

A Creative Toolkit of Meditations more than achieves these goals by providing a focused group of meditative reflections blending spiritual, psychological and cultural growth. Any seeking more than a 'pop' guidebook on the topic will find this title's structure and focus is exceptional.
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